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  • 8 months
  • 75 + stakeholder interviews with faculty, staff, and team members
  • 200 + calls to HR professionals

Thank you for your participation. Your input is invaluable!  Here's what we learned.


UVA team members across Grounds: nurses, professors, lab technicians, and physicians

Ufirst is improving the way you experience HR, supporting you in your pursuit of innovation and excellence at UVA.

What's New


Filled Future-state Positions and Wave 2 Position Updates

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Future-state HR Org Structure Updated

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Talent Transition Offer Process and Career Support Services

Overview, timeline, and FAQs


Stakeholder Panels Announced

Stakeholder Panels for Senior Director, Service, Senior Business Partner, and Business Partner Candidates

Thank you for your interest in future-state HR positions. Wave 1 applications are closed as of June 8 and the Talent Transition team will begin scheduling interviews. Wave 2 positions and applications are scheduled to open on September 11.

Application and Details


At the University of Virginia, we’re proud of who we are. We are powered by the amazing people who come to work every day in the endless pursuit of innovation and excellence in world-class teaching, research, patient care, and public service.

Critical to UVA’s success is a foundation of Human Resource services—now and in the future.

Ufirst is improving the way you experience HR at UVA. The Ufirst project mission: to deliver a high level of coordinated services supported by a best in class, cloud-based technology. Between now and the summer of 2018, HR will transform into a solution-focused HR organization.

Ufirst... placing you at the center. Join us.           

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