The Ufirst Project

Announcing Early Service Improvements

Early Service Improvements (ESIs) are Ufirst success stories made possible by Human Resource partners across the University. ESIs are visible and immediate improvements to HR services, straight-forward solutions to known issues, and a commitment to continuous progress. In the last week of May, the following two ESIs were communicated from UHR to the appropriate audiences:

ESI #1: Academic Division exempt staff no longer need to submit blank timecards as of May 30, 2016

What this means for you (Effective May 30, 2016):

  • Academic exempt staff will no longer need to submit timecards unless leave is taken or comp hours are earned. To receive a use or lose pay-out, the submission of all timesheets is no longer required. However, it is still required that 10 days of leave are taken for pay-out eligibility.
  • Managers will no longer need to approve blank timecards. They will need to continuously monitor employees who take leave or need to report comp hours earned diligently to ensure accurate leave payouts.
  • Individuals who monitor time and leave will no longer need to track missing timecards for exempt staff.


  • Elimination of non-time value added activities - Managers and exempt staff will save approximately 300,000 clicks per year.
  • Alignment of practices across the University - The Health System currently practices exception-time based reporting.
  • Alignment to current payroll practices of peer institutions - In a survey of 20 colleges and universities, 16 practice exception-time based reporting.


ESI#2: Elimination of five day internal posting requirement for academic staff vacancies as of June 1, 2016


  • Staff vacancies must be posted for five calendar days, (10 calendar days for underutilized positions), as opposed to business days. Additionally, all academic staff vacancies are immediately available to external applicants once posted on Jobs@.
  • Hiring officials will still have the ability to post internal-only positions for academic staff. Internal-only postings should be used when the need fulfills the guideline criteria. Please see the attached for internal-only guiding principles and examples of internal-only postings.


In the spirit of Ufirst, and providing a consistent recruiting experience across the University, this change in internal posting requirements:

  • Provides alignment with current Health System (Medical Center and UPG) practices
  • Enriches the talent pool, brings in new innovative ideas and different perspectives, and creates a more diverse workforce
  • Eliminates a waiting period to market vacancies externally


QUESTIONS? Please contact the HR Service Center at (434) 982-0123 or