The Ufirst Project

Dual Career Program

UVA HR is excited to partner with the Office of the Executive Vice President and Provost to further build the Dual Career Program. Carolyn Kalantari, Dual Career Director, and Jeremy Duff, Ufirst project Talent Recruitment Lead are working together to improve the dual career experience for UVA spouses and partners.

Carolyn describes the program as a way to help spouses and partners get connected in the community. “The goal of the program is for participants to be able to position themselves for success in our local job market. There are a growing number of employment opportunities in the area and we will continue to share that message, while further developing and sharing resources.”

Over the past year, Carolyn has facilitated UVA recruitment and retention efforts, making it easier for dual career candidates to identify job opportunities at UVA and in the community. In 12 months, she has worked with 100 faculty spouses and partners.

“Carolyn has done exceptional work over the past year. She has built faculty dual career services that have helped candidates tremendously. Now we are fortunate to combine resources to continue to focus on faculty while expanding this service,” said Jeremy about the partnership.

Moving forward, a Dual Career Specialist will be hired to help with this important work. The team will focus on building the infrastructure needed to provide information and resources to spouses and partners of faculty and staff.

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