The Ufirst Project

An HR Community

This fall the HR Community team spoke with over 100 colleagues from the Health System and Academic Division. These energizing conversations uncovered a host of ideas related to what defines a great community, including those values the community holds dear. 

The HR Community team wishes to thank everyone for their participation and encourages them to continue to share great ideas and participate in Ufirst, the HR Strategic Design Initiative.

Here, for your enjoyment, are just a few of the fantastic definitions of ‘community’ generated by our colleagues:

Community defined

  • Coming together with local peers who share common interests to achieve a goal.
  • Trustworthiness, transparency, integrity.  "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you."
  • Collaboration - always know where to go to get answers and people ready to work with you; strong customer service - make sure our reputation around grounds is good; clarity - clear policies that make it easier for us to do our job and customers to understand things - who is doing what. Simplify.
  • When I think about community, I think about supporting one another in an encouraging, non-critical, team spirited way. We need to be able to lean on and reply on each other for ideas, advice, and help during this massive change. 
  • Related and connected. Common ideals and values that we stand for together. Takes all employee ideas and input into consideration. People that care about each other. Everyone appreciates each other’s background, expertise and unique contributions. Events that help to connect community members.
  • “Best practices” are recognized and shared. Best tools are available to all.
  • Trust among peers, leadership, and customers.

Values in a word

Accessibility, Collaboration, Collegial, Commitment, Common purpose, Comradery, Communication, Competence, Consistency, Constantly improving, Customer focus, Efficiency, Engagement, Equity, Fairness, Hard work (do your best),  Honesty, Inclusive, Integrity, Leadership, Listen without bias, Loyalty, Open minded, Positive attitude, Recognition, Respect, Service, Shared vision, Simplicity, Strategic, Synergy, Teamwork, Timely, Transparency, Trust/ trustworthiness, Understanding, Unity