The Ufirst Project

The Learning Lab

The Learning Lab launch is officially in progress! In early March, members from Service Delivery, Process and Talent Recruitment met with Darden’s HR team to discuss the Learning Lab implementation, process, and goals. A week later the group met again to take a deep dive into the future-state talent recruitment process map. The Darden team was excited to see the progress the project has made on the future-state talent recruitment process. 

We have already built out the process map with nuanced processes from some of our biggest customers, including steps from the School of Medicine’s EIS process and the Medical Center’s Labor Management Strategies group.

In early April, Darden will start running test scenarios through the talent recruitment process with Darden HR team members and project members playing the various roles within the process. For example, HR team and project members will play the hiring manager, finance approver, recruiter, and more! 

Darden will begin with ‘80%’ scenarios; this will allow us to ensure the foundation of the talent recruitment process is solid before moving on to more nuanced and complex recruitment scenarios.

Look for more Learning Labs in Q2 this year as we work to refine and validate our future-state processes.