The Ufirst Project

Message from John Kosky, AVP-IMPACT & Decision Support

From John Kosky, AVP, HR IMPACT & Decision Support: I want to thank everyone for welcoming me to Grounds so warmly.  Since I arrived in September, I have had the opportunity to meet with many folks in HR and beyond. I have been very impressed with the level of energy and dedication exhibited by all of you.    In my view, great days are in our future and I look forward to continuing the journey towards making HR an excellent service organization.

Among my initial tasks upon arrival was to fill two roles in the IMPACT & Decision Support organization: the Senior Director of Total Rewards (SDTR), who will be critical to the execution of our compensation, benefits and wellness strategy, and my Executive Assistant, who will be critical to keeping me organized and scheduled as we undertake the work of standing up various parts of IMPACT & Decision Support in coming months.

I am pleased to announce that I have made progress on both fronts:  Angela Durrett, Organization Learning & Development Coordinator at the School of Medicine, has accepted the position as my Executive Assistant effective October 30.  We have a strong candidate pool for the SDTR, and the next round of interviews is scheduled for this week.

As a part of my orientation to Ufirst, I gained the understanding that Total Rewards (benefits and compensation) did not have a Ufirst work stream assigned to research, analyze and design future state. Several HR staff in this area worked to accomplish process design, but the structure and hierarchy within Total Rewards was not evaluated in-depth. Now that I have had an opportunity to talk with current members of the project team and evaluate the work in that area, I have determined that the manager positions over compensation and benefits are more appropriately titled as directors. Both have a broad scope and significant responsibilities across both the Academic Division and the Health System, and both require significant experience.

All current candidates who applied for the manager positions will be considered for the Director, Benefits Administration and Director, Compensation roles, respectively.  In order to ensure a fair and equitable process, while not causing current candidates additional work, the Director positions are posted internally beginning today, click here, and remain open through 10/22. At that time, I will evaluate the qualifications of any new applicants. If no additional qualified candidates apply, I will make decisions on those two positions quickly from the existing pools of the manager postings.

The Senior Benefits Specialists and Benefits Specialists will report to the Director, Benefits Administration and all of the compensation analysts would report to the Director, Compensation.  Given the Director’s focus on compensation strategy, we plan to add another Compensation Analyst, and will choose the candidate from the pool generated by the prior Compensation Analyst posting.

Additionally,  the Senior Specialist, Wellness will be changed to a manager-level, Manager, Wellness, enabling the Director, Benefits Administration to focus specifically on the benefits domain in coordination with wellness.  The two Wellness Specialists will report to this manager.  We will post the Manager, Wellness position soon and conduct an external search.

We will work to update the organization chart in the near future. I appreciate your continued flexibility as we make adjustments to ensure optimal service for our customers, all in keeping with the iterative process that has been fundamental to the transformation from the beginning.

Thank you again for your feedback, input and questions as the IMPACT & Decision Support organization takes shape.