The Ufirst Project

Salesforce Enhancements

Salesforce, the world's #1 customer relationship management platform, has been used in the Academic and Medical Center Service Centers for over a year to improve customer service, manage work and build a foundation of data (from customer surveys to inquiry channel volumes and type) that has been critical to the design of the HR Solution Center.

With the launch of the HRSC we are excited to offer a series of Salesforce enhancements that will continue this process of improving the customer experience, increasing team productivity and capturing data vital to continuous improvement.

Enhancements include:

  • Automated "omnichannel" routing of multichannel inquiries to HRSC Inquiry team members based on capacity and expertise
  • A knowledge base that provides consistent, SMR-validated and up-to-date content with articles built from real customer inquiries
  • A redesigned agent interface that integrates multichannel inquiries, case management features and the knowledge base
  • Computer telephony integration, which improves inquiry tracking and provides the Inquiry team with caller information, including full case history, at their fingertips
  • The expansion of case tracking to Benefits, Leave & Payroll
  • Redesigned case categorization scheme for improved reporting
  • Expanded out-of-the-box reports and metrics tracking capabilities, including an HRSC Metrics Dashboard, Inquiry Supervisor Dashboard and integrated Salesforce and telephony reporting
  • Expansion of Qualtrics/Salesforce-based request mechanism used for Student Hiring Pilot to enable seamless operational HR support throughout the transition to future-state