The Ufirst Project

Announcing Ufirst

TO: All University Employees in the Academic Division, Medical Center, and the University Physicians Group
FROM: Ufirst Executive Sponsors
     Patrick D. Hogan
     Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer
     Robert C. Pianta, Ph.D.
     Dean, Curry School of Education
     Richard P. Shannon, M.D.
     Executive Vice President for Health Affairs
     Allan C. Stam, Ph.D.
     Dean, Frank Batten School of Leadership & Public Policy
     Anda L. Webb
     Vice Provost for Administration
With great enthusiasm, we introduce Ufirst, a key Organizational Excellence initiative that reaches the entire University. The Academic Division and Health System are joining forces in this important endeavor to transform our HR practices to serve you and to align our services and resources in support of the University’s mission. With support from leaders across the Grounds, we are building upon the hard work of our human resources professionals.
Emphasizing professional development, benefits, recruitment, and service, Ufirst will bring together key HR functions in the Academic Division, the Medical Center, and the University Physicians Group. We began this large-scale, complex HR transformation in early 2015 and will continue for several years, with full implementation expected in 2018. To this point, work has included identifying opportunities to simplify policies, streamline processes, and improve the HR service experience and beginning to build a unified community of HR professionals. Between now and 2018, we will provide you with regular updates. You will see teamwork and collaboration across the Academic Division and the Health System as we determine the best ways to serve each school and unit. We look forward to you joining us in what promises to be a transformative and positive change for the University community.
Each of you supports the University’s mission in important ways, and we are committed to providing the highest quality human resources services to you and to all colleagues across the University. Visit the Ufirst website to learn more about this important strategic initiative, including the project timeline, team structure, leadership, news, and FAQs. If you have any questions or comments about Ufirst, please email the project team at