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Workday Words IV – Recruiting

Workday Words IV

This is the fourth installment in our series to help you understand and work effectively in Workday.

New terminology can be confusing. There are a number of terms used in Workday that have particular meanings – or meanings that matter in the context of the platform. Here’s a quick list of recruiting terms you may encounter in Workday. 

Supervisory Org

Provides management structure and hierarchy for University workers. Each Supervisory Org is associated with one of two Staffing Models: Job Management (JM) or Position Management (PM).

Job Management*

Used to manage job types that exceed 1:1 ratio; multiple persons can occupy a job in job management (e.g., temp workers, student workers, faculty wage, etc.).

Position Management*

Used to manage positions with a 1:1 ratio; only one person can occupy each position in position management (e.g., benefited staff, benefited faculty, physicians, etc.).

Critical Job

A position that is essential to the department’s function.

Job Step > Justification

The reason why the position is needed (e.g., replacing a retiree’s position, defining a new position that is within budget, etc.).


A group of potential candidates kept in reserve for when an appropriate job becomes available. 

Worker Subtype

A classification for employees based upon employee type (e.g., faculty, staff, students, contingent workers, etc.).

Click here for more recruiting terms.

*The concept of “job” vs. “position” is covered in more detail in the Recruiting Essentials for Managers course (link below).

Managers – Learn recruiting essentials:

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[Video] Essential Training for Delegates


You’ve been assigned as a delegate. Now what? 

Whether you’ve been selected as a long-term delegate facilitating daily Workday tasks for your manager, or a short-term delegate covering Workday tasks while your manager is away from the office, it’s critical that you know where to go and what to do to fulfill your responsibilities. 

The new video, Initiating & Approving Tasks as a Delegate, will show you how to perform successfully as a delegate, so you can proceed with confidence!

What you’ll learn in the video:

  • How to switch accounts to proceed on behalf of a manager
  • Where to look in Workday to find the tasks delegated to you
  • How to navigate the delegation dashboard and manager’s inbox

Click here to view Initiating & Approving Tasks as a Delegate.


Delegation videos and Manager Essentials pages

More to learn:

In your role as a delegate, you will be acting on behalf of a manager. If you have not yet done so, you should take the Manager Essentials training (either our e-learning or live, instructor-led course). You’ll learn how to perform various manager-related tasks in Workday. 


Click here to take the e-learning (or live) course, Manager Essentials.

Click here to see more videos on delegation and other manager-related topics.

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Oracle Discoverer Reports Crosswalk

Oracle Discoverer Workday Crosswalk

When we transition to Workday, Oracle Discoverer users will need to know which Workday reports to use instead. To make things simple, we’ve created a "crosswalk" document of the most frequently used Oracle Discoverer reports alongside their Workday equivalents.

Click here to access the crosswalk list.

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UPG & Medical Center: Crosswalks from Today’s HR Processes to Workday

UPG & Medical Center Workday Crosswalk

Workday can be quite intuitive to use, but sometimes you may not know where to begin. We've created a series of Job Aids that will provide you with directions on how to begin many common tasks. To make things as straight forward as possible, these "crosswalk" documents show each task alongside its legacy system equivalent.  

“How do I ... ?”

Click on the appropriate link below to download the Job Aid document you need:

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Attention Managers: Workday “Recruiting Essentials for Managers” Now Available!

Recruiting at UVA

When you consider the volume of recruiting at an institution as large as UVA, it’s clear that any improvements to the process will have a significant positive impact. The launch of Workday will provide for a more consistent and efficient recruiting process across the University’s varied entities – but, training comes first.  

The Recruiting Essentials for Managers course is presented from the perspective of a hiring manager. Basic familiarity with navigating in Workday is helpful, so it’s recommended that participants complete the online Workday Essentials course before taking this course.

Recruiting course screen grab

E-learning course

Chapter 1 – Recruiting Overview (available now):

     ●  The Recruiting Process – The steps, tasks, and people involved

     ●  Positions and Jobs – Defining the difference, understanding key terms

     ●  Manager Responsibilities – What’s on your to-do list as the hiring manager

Click here to start the e-learning course, Chapter 1.

Chapter 2 – Recruiting Scenarios (coming Nov. 20):

Once you’ve learned the basics of recruiting in the overview (Chapter 1), the second part of the e-learning course will dive into specific scenarios, based on where you work and who you need to hire. You’ll make choices during the course that will mirror your real-life experience. 

Live classes

Live, instructor-led classes are now open for registration, covering the material in both chapters of the e-learning course. Content for these live classes is tailored to the unique needs of each UVA entity and will be held at a variety of locations across Grounds throughout the coming weeks.

Click here to see live course times and locations, and sign up now!

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Spotlight on Timekeeping

Workday apps with time-related items highlighted
For Timekeeping, where you look in Workday depends on your role and what you need to do.

Yesterday, we told you about essential information regarding leave balances and requesting time off in Workday. Today, we’ll look at the closely related area of timekeeping.

Reminder: Medical Center will continue to use Kronos for time entry.

Where to look in Workday?

  • Manager’s view: Use the Time and Absence app
  • Non-exempt individuals entering time worked: Use the Time app
  • Exempt and non-exempt individuals requesting time off: Use the Absence app

Time-related notifications for non-exempt individuals 

Because entering time is required for non-exempt individuals, special notifications will be sent from Workday:

  • Weekly – All non-exempt individuals (regular, student, wage, temp) will receive a generic reminder to enter time every Friday at noon.
  • Once per pay period – Regular non-exempt individuals who are short on time entry (based on scheduled hours) will receive a customized notification on any affected payroll Monday at 9:00 a.m.

Special roles and permissions in Workday

Time Reporting Support Role – This role has been created in Workday to facilitate workflow by providing certain non-managers with access to time-tracking reporting.

  • Time Reporting Support role holders will be able to run the same time reports as managers:
    • No Time Entered
    • Time Entered But Not Submitted
    • Time Submitted But Not Approved
    • My Team’s Upcoming Time Off
    • UVA Hours Short 
    • UVA Critical Timesheet Errors
    • UVA Time and Time Off by Supervisory Orgs with Date Range
    • Time Off Results Detail (to view employees’ "Use or Lose" time)
  • They will not be able to enter, submit, or approve time on behalf of another employee.

Manager Delegation – Workday allows Managers to delegate time-related actions and approvals to an appropriate individual.

  • Delegates will have the ability to enter, submit, and approve time on behalf of another employee if the Manager includes those responsibilities during the delegation process.
  • Reports cannot be delegated.

What’s changing?

  • New calendar view for time entry
  • University holidays are pre-populated in calendars
  • Absence (time off/leave) requests will be entered in Workday
  • No paper timecards; retro time entered directly into Workday
  • Mobile accessibility for time entry, approval, and time-off requests

What’s staying the same?

  • Payroll calendars and pay dates
  • Pay period cutoffs (assignments, hires, LD, time entry/approval)
  • Leave accrual calculations
  • Exempt employees will continue to enter only their absences
  • If you currently use Kronos for time entry (Medical Center), you will continue to do so

Check back for more Spotlight features in the coming days and weeks, covering more essential aspects of Workday.

Be sure to visit and browse the training website

A variety of resources are available on the training website to help you transition to Workday with confidence. New courses and training materials will be added frequently.

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Attention Managers: Workday “Manager Essentials” Now Available!

"Manager Essentials" screen grab

We’re barely ten weeks from the launch of Workday. With that in mind, it’s crucial that all managers get up to speed on how day-to-day activities will be accomplished using the new system. “Workday Essentials” – a concise course that covers the most important topics – is now available for all managers and their delegates.   

You choose the learning style that works for you

For many, the e-learning version will be best. It’s available on-demand and allows you to progress at your own pace, making the most of your time. If you prefer a classroom setting, instructor-led training is available as well. Live classes will be held at a variety of locations across Grounds throughout November, December, and January, beginning November 8. Click here for more info.

Topics covered by both the e-learning and live versions of this course:

  • Managing Within Workday
  • Managing Time
  • Managing Absence
  • Compensation
  • Delegation
  • Team Performance

Click here to start your e-learning course, or to sign up for an instructor-led session.

Be sure to visit and browse the training website

A variety of resources are available on the training website to help you transition to Workday with confidence. New courses and training materials will be added frequently in the coming weeks, so come back often. You can also follow the Ufirst blog for updates.

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Top 5 FAQs – Reports & Access

Top 5 FAQs – Reports & Access

Here are five of the most frequently asked questions about Reports & Access in Workday. Want to see more? Browse the complete FAQ. You’ll find more reports and access FAQs under “Manager Essentials” and “Access & Security.”

1Q: Will HR reporting continue to be available via Discoverer?

A: No, HR reporting will be available directly in Workday for those with appropriate security roles.

2Q: How will users who currently have “UVA ODS Specialist-Limited” and “UVA ODS Specialist-Restricted” responsibilities in Discoverer be able to access the reports/data they need? 

A: The HR IMPACT team is currently reviewing the reports that users run in Discoverer and assigning users access to similar reports in Workday.

3Q: Will Oracle users with HRMS Viewer have similar access in Workday?

A: Not necessarily. Access to information in Workday is based on two things: role and supervisory organization. Those with the Employee role can only see their personal information and basic, public information about everyone else (name, title, work email, work phone, etc.). Those with the Manager role (anyone who has a direct report) can see HR information about people who report up to them, either directly or indirectly. 

Additionally, there are other roles (Financial Approver, Leadership Approver, Student Hiring Support, and Time Reporting Support roles) who can see the information necessary to complete their tasks within the appropriate organization. The data needed to complete labor distribution (which will continue to be managed in Oracle) will be automatically populated in Oracle and available to those who complete LD tasks. 

Access to additional HR data – outside of what is available because of one’s assigned Workday role and supervisory organization – will often be provided through Workday reports. After go-live, if you find that you do not have access to data that you need – either directly in Workday or via Workday reports – you should send a request describing what you need to The HR IMPACT team will work with you, quickly, to find the best solution.

4Q: What should I do if I can’t access data in Workday that I need?

A: You can expect that your access to data in Workday will be different from your access in your legacy systems. Ultimately, the UVA HR team is committed to making sure everyone has the access they need to successfully complete their work. If you find you do not have what you need – either directly in Workday or via Workday reports – you should send a request describing what you need to The HR IMPACT team will work with you, quickly, to find the best solution.

5Q: Is there a crosswalk document that describes what the reports I use now will be in Workday?

A: Yes, there will be a crosswalk showing the mapping of HR Discoverer reports to Workday reports. It will be available in November.

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Top FAQs – Delegation and Learning

Top FAQs - Delegation and Learning

Here are some of the most frequently asked questions about Delegation and the Workday Learning app. Want to see more? Browse the complete FAQ. You’ll find more Delegation FAQs under “Manager Essentials” and “Learning (LMS)” has its own category.

You can also check out videos on these topics in our recent blog post.


1Q: What is delegation?

A: Delegation is the ability to reassign certain tasks and approvals in Workday to another qualified individual. This can simply be for efficiency, or to cover manager responsibilities when they are out of the office.

2Q: Who can serve as a delegate?

A: Preferably, another manager in the same school/unit, as they will be familiar with the roles and responsibilities. When appropriate, and after consultation with the HR Business Partner (HRBP), non-managers may be set up as delegates. HRBPs are working with school and unit leadership to determine local policies for delegation.

3Q: Can delegates assign a delegated task to someone else?

A: No, delegates cannot subsequently delegate to another person, nor do delegated tasks automatically cascade to a direct report or colleague.


1Q: What kinds of training will be available at go-live – online, classroom?

A: At go-live, Workday will offer all courses available in Oracle and Netlearning today. This includes classroom and online courses.

2Q: How will mandatory compliance training be maintained, tracked, and delivered?

A: Compliance training will be automatically assigned. Owners of the content will have the ability to run reports to understand completion rates. Learners will receive notifications if they have not completed training by the deadline.

3Q: Can modules be assigned for large groups, faculty, and trainees?

A: Managers and learning admins can assign trainings to large groups via the learning groups and campaign functionality in Workday. Learners can be grouped and assigned to trainings by job profile, department, etc.

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[Video] Workday Wednesday – Delegation and Learning

Workday Wednesday


Check out the latest videos on Workday essentials!


  • What is delegation?
  • Types of delegation
  • Delegable tasks
  • Who can be a delegate?
  • How to manage delegations in Workday




  • Features and terminology
  • Navigating the Learning application
  • Reports



Check back for more!

Each Wednesday this month, we'll share more videos covering other important Workday topics. Visit our "Getting Ready for Workday" page for more essential information, plus upcoming chances to win prizes in our virtual scavenger hunt!

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