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Performance Management – Lead@ Deadlines for CY2018 Are Fast Approaching

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While everyone at the University will soon be using Workday, there are some critical Performance Management deadlines approaching, specifically for Lead@ users.  

Completing Calendar Year 2018 Goals

Calendar year 2018 goals should be entered and approved by managers in Lead@ by October 31st. For assistance writing meaningful goals, consider using this SMART goal-setting resource.

New employees are expected to enter their goals in Lead@ for manager approval within 30 days of hire; however, employees hired after October 1 should wait to enter goals using Workday in January, 2019, following Workday go-live.

Workday Migration Deadlines 

All goals for calendar year 2018 that are manager-approved by October 31 will be migrated to Workday. If goals are not approved by then, employees will have to manually enter goals in Workday in January. Evaluations for calendar year 2018 will be completed in Workday following go-live.

Due to the migration process, no attached documents, comments, or additional detail will transfer to Workday. Employees and managers who completed interim or mid-year evaluations in Lead@ are encouraged to save a PDF copy for upload into Workday, post-launch. Click here for instructions.

Advancement and School of Medicine employees will enter fiscal year 2019 goals directly in Workday after go-live.

Regarding Historic Evaluations 

Two years of ratings will migrate from Lead@ to Workday: 2016 and 2017. If you would like to keep copies of past performance evaluations, we encourage you to download pdfs for your reference. Please see this reference guide to export and download past evaluations.

Note for Those Participating in the Darden Pilot 

Individuals who are participating in the Darden pilot are not affected by this cutover and should continue to use their current process.

If you have questions or concerns, please contact

Additional deadlines and critical dates will follow. Please check the Ufirst website frequently for updates!

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Top 3 FAQs – Performance Management

Top 3 FAQs - Performance Management

Here are three of the most frequently asked questions about Performance Management in Workday. Want to see more? Browse the complete FAQ. Performance Management has its own category.

1Q: Is performance management included in Workday?

A: Yes, all entities will conduct performance management in Workday.

2Q: Will the performance management calendar change due to the implementation of Workday?

A: No, the performance management calendar will not change. The Health System will follow a fiscal year calendar cycle and the Academic Division will follow a calendar year cycle (School of Medicine and Advancement will continue to operate on a fiscal calendar).

3Q: Who can give feedback? This used to be strictly for managers.

A: Faculty, staff, and team members can request feedback from anyone at the University on themselves. Managers can request feedback from others on their direct reports.

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Improving the Way We Experience Competencies at the Medical Center

Screen shot of competencies in Workday

Competency (n): proficiency, experience, capability – critical in our business – fundamental to providing excellent care and delivering on our commitment to put the patient at the center of all we do.

The competency assessment process (for new hires and the annual process) for the Medical Center is undergoing a long-overdue overhaul in an effort to change the way team members and managers experience defining, completing, documenting and complying with competencies. This is due in part to the implementation of Workday. The new processes removes many manual and outdated steps by automating tasks and pushing notifications out to help with deadlines.

Shelley Tattersall, Technical Training Specialist, who worked extensively on the project, added, “Not only does the automated process better support our new hires, managers and current team members, it also helps to ensure compliance during regulatory surveys, such as Joint Commission. Competencies – now housed in Workday -- and can be accessed from any computer for easy and rapid access during surveys.”

Automation Is Key

Workday does the heavy lifting when it comes to automation:

  • The competency assessment form(s) is automatically delivered as a Workday inbox task to new hires who work with their preceptor/trainer/manager to validate, sign and upload the form to Workday.
  • Annual competencies (starting with two pilot groups) are now fully automated in Workday and will include the electronic signature and date/time stamp of the validator (preceptor, trainer, manager).
  • Notification reminders and non-compliance notifications are automatically sent to team members and managers.
  • Reports can be easily generated by the department to check for compliance.

In addition, the process improvement allowed the HR team to align job codes with OCA forms and update organizational and safety competencies.

Support When You Need It

The HR Talent Technical Training Team is a team of dedicated and experienced professionals responsible for supporting competency assessment. This team understands the importance of, and is committed to, collaborating with the unit/department leads to create, update and maintain new hire and annual competencies.

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