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[Video] President Ryan Ready for Workday

UVA President James Ryan


President Ryan sees Workday as a tool to strengthen our culture of collaboration and organizational excellence at UVA. Watch his video below to understand how Workday will help streamline processes and assist our entire community:


Workday Training and Resources

Ufirst Executive Sponsor Update: President Ryan's video message, System Cutover, and more

Ufirst Executive Sponsor Update

Dear UVA Colleagues:

Workday is nearly here! Over the past four years teams of people across Grounds have worked together to strengthen our HR organization and deliver excellent service to our faculty, staff, team members, schools, and units. President Ryan is supportive of this important collaboration and recorded a video message for the community about it.

As we get closer to launching Workday on Monday, January 7, 2019 at 7:00 a.m., we want to draw your attention to important information and resources designed to help you navigate the system and access the data you need.

System Cutover 

As you know, Workday is replacing our legacy Oracle, PeopleSoft, and UltiPro systems. The Ufirst team successfully transferred data from all three on November 30 to prepare for import into Workday. With this major milestone complete, access to our legacy systems must be curtailed in order to limit changes to our historical data. Employee and manager self-service, with the exception of time/absence entry and approval, is now read-only access. Should you need to change data in a legacy system, please contact the HR Solution Center (434-243-3344 or The Cutover Timeline has more information regarding upcoming changes. 

Workday Training

If you have not yet done so, please complete the Workday Essentials eLearning course. If you manage people, please also complete the Manager Essentials course. Training is arranged by division (Academic, Health System) and role on the Workday Training webpage.

UVA HR website: Workday Central

The newly redesigned HR website hosts the Workday Central webpage and provides everything you need to know about Workday in one convenient location – now, during, and after our launch.

Thank you for your ongoing support of this important initiative and for your patience as we address the complications that inevitably surface with the launch of a critical, enterprise-wide system.

Ufirst Executive Sponsors

Jennifer (J.J.) Wagner Davis, Executive Vice President & Chief Operating Officer
Thomas C. Katsouleas, Executive Vice President & Provost
Richard P. Shannon, MD, Executive Vice President for Health Affairs

[Video] Implementing Workday Across the University and Health System


Workday – What does it mean to the University? What should you expect at go-live? 

The launch of Workday is just one month away, and it will be the culmination of a multi-year effort to improve efficiency, as well as the HR service experience, for everyone working in the Academic Division and Health System. Watch this short video to get an overview and learn why Workday is the right choice for UVA. 

More to explore:

Stay informed:

New UVA HR Website Debuts

New UVA HR website screen grab

A major redesign of UVA HR’s online home has given website visitors several big improvements:

  • Fresh, clean design
  • Easier navigation to HR resources and programs
  • “Workday Central” – a hub for all things Workday, with links to training, cutover timeline, Pre Go-Live checklists, the Workday blog, and more.

Explore the new UVA HR website today:

CHRO Update: Workday Preparations, Checklists, and More

Workday Update from Kelley Stuck


Dear UVA Colleagues,

We are in the final weeks leading to the January 7, 2019 launch of Workday, our new HR platform. UVA HR and the Ufirst Project team are working together with partners across the Academic Division and Health System to ensure a smooth transition. I want you to be fully prepared, so I am writing to remind you of some key action items:

  • System Cutover – Limit transactions between November 30, 2018 and January 7, 2019
    Workday is replacing Oracle, PeopleSoft, and UltiPro for HR services. The critical transfer of data from these systems will occur on November 30. Any transactions, other than time and absence entry, should be kept to a minimum. Note: The Medical Center will continue to use Kronos for tracking time and absence.
  • Preparing for Go-Live
    All faculty, staff, and team members will use Workday for HR services, so we have developed a Workday Pre-Go-Live Checklist to help you prepare.
  • Workday Training – Don't wait! Learn how to use Workday
    If you haven't already, please take the Workday Essentials eLearning course. If you manage people, please also complete the Manager Essentials course. Managers may choose to take the eLearning module, or register for an instructor-led session.
  • Workday Central on the new HR website
    Everything you need to know about Workday in one convenient location - now, during, and after Go-Live, including updates, training, cutover dates, answers to questions, and more. 

Thank you for your attention and invaluable support in launching Workday.

Kelley Stuck signature

Kelley Stuck
Vice President and Chief Human Resources Officer

Changes are coming, both before and after go-live – but when?

Workday Cutover Timeline

The launch of Workday in January has many moving parts, and it’s crucial that all faculty, staff, and team members across Grounds are aware of the timing of various steps along the way. That’s why we’ve created the Workday Cutover Timeline page. It details the critical dates for data transfer from legacy systems, deadlines for making changes to your personal information, as well as milestones on the path to go-live – and beyond.

As the final pieces of the project fall into place and are approved, new dates and adjustments will be published on the timeline, so be sure to check back often to keep up to date – and be prepared for the coming changes.

Be sure to visit and browse the training website

A variety of resources are available on the training website to help you transition to Workday with confidence. New courses and training materials will be added frequently.

Stay informed

CHRO Update: Workday Training and System Cutover

Workday Update from Kelley Stuck


Dear Colleagues,
The new HR technology Workday will be launching fewer than nine weeks from now on January 7, 2019. Workday will replace Oracle, Peoplesoft and UltiPro for HR services. UVA HR and the Ufirst Project team are proactively working to prepare for potential challenges, minimize disruption, communicate changes, and resolve issues quickly when they arise. In the coming weeks, you will receive a series of emails to keep you informed and to help you prepare for the changes before, during and after Workday go-live. The Ufirst website will be kept updated with detailed information. 


Workday Training – Take it now

Workday training is available at Please take the Workday Essentials eLearning course so you know how to use Workday. If you manage people, please also complete the Manager Essentials course. You may choose to take the eLearning module or register for an instructor-led session. 

System Cutover

A critical step during the launch is to load data from our current systems into Workday. This is planned for November 30. Therefore, any transactions other than time and absence entry, between November 30, 2018 and January 7, 2019 should be kept to a minimum. Below is an overview of the cutover timeline. For detailed information, please visit:

Personal Information

  • Any changes you want or need to make to your HR record including, name, address, emergency contacts, tax forms or banking information should be completed by November 30
  • After November 30 we ask that you only make changes that are time sensitive and must be made to support a smooth transition before January 7.
  • Required benefits changes can be made during this time by contacting the HR Solution Center, or 434-243-3344.

Time Entry and Approvals

  • Academic Bi-Weekly: the last day to enter and approve time or absence in Oracle/SSTL is January 4, 2019.   
  • UPG Bi-Weekly:  the last day to enter or approve time or absence in UltiPro is December 30, 2018. Time worked from December 31 – January 6 can be entered in Workday starting January 7, 2019.
  • Monthly (UPG & Academic): the last day to enter time off in Oracle SSTL or UltiPro will be December 25, 2018. Time off used after December 25, 2018 can be entered in Workday starting January 7, 2019.
  • Medical Center will continue to use Kronos for all time and labor activity (scheduling and PTO).


  • Pay calendars will not change as a result of Workday.  
  • Payslips will be viewable in Workday for the first time on the following dates:
    • January 4, 2019 – Medical Center and UPG Bi-weekly Payday
    • January 11, 2019 – Academic Division Bi-weekly Payday
    • February 1, 2019 – Academic and UPG Monthly Payday
  • W2’s for 2018 will be accessed through your current HR system, not Workday

Performance Management 

Performance evaluation activity in current systems completed by October 31, 2018 will migrate to Workday. View only access will be available after November 1. 


Hiring managers should work directly with their Recruiter to determine the details of how existing open positions will be addressed.

Thank you for taking the actions necessary as we make final preparations for the Workday launch.

Kelley Stuck
Vice President and Chief Human Resources Officer

A Valuable Speaking Opportunity and an Award That Validates Our Hard Work

Kelley Stuck and Sean Jackson with CUPA-HR award

Earlier this month, Kelley Stuck, UVA HR's Vice President & Chief Human Resources Officer, and Sean Jackson, Executive Director of Ufirst, delivered a well-received presentation at the College and University Professional Association for Human Resources (CUPA-HR) Conference in Indianapolis, Indiana. 

The annual event – which hosts HR professionals from higher education institutions nationwide – provided an outstanding opportunity to highlight UVA's leadership by showcasing the Ufirst project and our ongoing transformation of the HR function here at the University. It was also a great chance to network and learn from other higher education HR leaders going through similar structural and technological changes. 

Quote from Sean Jackson

A prestigious award

CUPA-HR also honored our hard work by presenting UVA HR and the Ufirst project team with the 2018 HR Excellence Award. This award honors transformative HR work in higher education from across the nation, and recognizes teams who provided HR leadership resulting in significant and ongoing organizational change within their institutions. 

Among other things, the award presentation called out our reimagining and restructuring of UVA’s Human Resources organization, ensuring a better employment experience across the entire university – the Academic Division, Medical Center, and University Physicians Group. Also highlighted was our implementation of Workday, a best-in-class technology platform, to provide consistent, high quality and efficient services to the UVA community, enhancing UVA’s ability to recruit, hire, retain, and develop top talent in support of excellence in education, research, patient care, and public service.

Quote from Kelley Stuck

A press release sent by UVA HR acknowledged, "This was also a UVA-wide effort involving hundreds of people across the University who helped shape the strategy for the future of HR at UVA, and then participated in delivering that strategy. The success of this large and complex transformation is due to the collective efforts of those across the UVA community."

Quote #2 from Sean Jackson

As part of the award, CUPA-HR will make a $3,000 contribution to a University of Virginia scholarship fund. UVA HR named the UVA Faculty and Staff Scholarship Fund as the recipient. 


Ufirst Executive Sponsor Update: Workday Launch and Training

Ufirst Executive Sponsor Update

Dear colleagues:

Thank you for your continued support of the Ufirst project and the transformation of Human Resources and Payroll at UVA. Begun in 2015, this is one of the largest, most complex projects UVA has undertaken, and thanks to the support and partnership throughout the University and Health System community, it is nearing completion.

Launching Workday
We are close to implementing Workday, a secure cloud-based technology that aligns with our new and improved service delivery structure. Our official launch date is Jan. 7, 2019. Data from current systems will move over to Workday in December. Over the coming weeks the Ufirst Project and the UVA HR teams will share a more detailed timeline and outline which data will move.

Training for Workday has been customized to your needs. You choose the type, amount and timing of the training that you need, available starting October 17 at It's intuitive, easy, and helpful, just like Workday itself.

Stay Informed
We encourage you to bookmark and visit the Ufirst Project website to stay informed of key changes that may impact you.

Thank you again for your support of this important initiative. If you have questions or need additional information, please contact Sean Jackson at

Ufirst Executive Sponsors

Patrick D. Hogan, Executive Vice President & Chief Operating Officer
Thomas C. Katsouleas, Executive Vice President & Provost
Richard P. Shannon, MD, Executive Vice President for Health Affairs

[Video] Getting Ready for Workday: An Overview

Ufirst project timeline
Basic timeline of the Ufirst Project


For the past several weeks, we’ve been taking our show on the road – meeting with various groups across Grounds, providing an overview of the Ufirst project, where we’ve been, and where we’re heading as we progress toward the much-anticipated launch of Workday.

If you haven’t been among the hundreds that have attended these informative presentations, we’ve created a video that covers the information so you can also benefit from the insights provided.

The video covers the following topics:

  • What is Ufirst?
  • What is the Workday rollout timeline?
  • When will you begin using Workday?
  • What training will be available?
  • How do you get help after go-live?
  • Next steps
  • Workday special topics

After you’ve watched the video, if you have questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us at – and make sure to check the website frequently for updates!

Stay informed


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