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Top 3 FAQs – Onboarding

Top 3 FAQs - Onboarding

Here are three of the most frequently asked questions about the onboarding process in Workday. Want to see more? Browse the complete FAQ. You’ll find more Onboarding FAQs under “Recruiting, Hiring, & Onboarding.”

You can also check out a short video on the overall recruiting process in Workday, hosted by Sue Simpkins, in our recent blog post.

1Q: Is there an onboarding checklist customized for new hires?

A: Yes. New hires will receive automated notifications (checklist items) via Workday. There will also be a hard copy checklist version available for reference.

2Q: Can some aspects of onboarding be customized?

A: Onboarding is customized based on entity (Academic Division, Medical Center and UPG) and on large employee types that span multiple departments (i.e., variations are provided for faculty, students, temps, contingent workers, transfers, etc.).

3Q: Does a new hire have the ability to log in before their start date?

A: Yes, new hires will first log in to Workday as applicants. Once hired, they will gain access to the employee sections of Workday. For security purposes, there will be a limit on how far ahead of their start date they will be able to gain that access.

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[Video] "Sue Says!" – Applying for a Job at UVA

Sue Says!


Sue explains just how easy applying through Workday can be – Boom!

Applying online through legacy systems like Jobs@ has always been cumbersome, with lots of manual data entry required that duplicates the information contained in your resume. Workday makes this time-consuming step unnecessary. Watch the video to learn more:

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[Video] Workday Wednesday – Recruiting and Training

Workday Wednesday


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  • Overview of the new process
  • The recruiting dashboard
  • Reviewing candidates
  • The offer and hiring process



Workday Training

  • Instructor-led courses (classroom and web-based)
  • Open labs
  • Job aids
  • Concept aids
  • Visual aids
  • eLearning/on-demand videos
  • Workday training website



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Another Satisfied Customer

Barbara Strain

UVA HR is committed to finding solutions to HR-related challenges for our colleagues across Grounds. Recently, UVA HR partnered with leaders from UVA Health System to source, vet, schedule interviews, and process over 20 new hires. The effort did not go unnoticed. 

Barbara Strain, Director of Value Management for UVA Health System, in a recent thank-you note to Steven Snyder, Director of Talent Recruitment, wrote: 

“I wanted to personally thank you and your team for understanding the business need of the support departments and in developing hiring plans that worked for them. I agree the department leaders have also stepped up to rearrange work schedules to meet the cadence of the interviews. They recognize the effort that HR has put forth and the opportunity before them to make a difference.

Barbara Strain quote

“The addition of the mid-cycle orientation session was an extraordinary gesture and is much appreciated. 

“Please pass on my gratitude to the team for partnering with us and for their continued assistance in keeping the pipeline going.”

Credit Where Credit Is Due

Cindy Frederick

We are always striving to create a best-in-class HR experience for stakeholders across Grounds. That’s why the Ufirst Project was initiated. So, it is always gratifying when this work is acknowledged. In a recent thank-you note to Kelley Stuck, Cindy Fredrick, AVP in UVA's Office of Engagement, wrote: 

“Over the past two months I have been able to witness firsthand the impact of UVA HR. This spring, the Office of Engagement had the most vacancies at any one time since the office was created in 2006. The level of customer service, professionalism, and expertise has been outstanding. While there are always areas for learning, growth, and improvement, I want to share my gratitude to you and your team. We have worked extensively with Matt Caesar, Chris Cunningham, G.T. Francis, and Ellen Beverly to help us navigate our human resource needs.

“I have been very impressed with the timeliness of requests. On one of our offers, the UVA HR team worked past 5:00 on a Friday to ensure that we had an offer out to a candidate who had another offer on the table. I appreciate the efforts to expand our pool through targeted recruitment. In our search for the UVA Club Director’s position, we now have three finalists from Harvard, Notre Dame, and Duke who have direct experience with regional engagement. And, finally, the professional expertise of your team members has helped us think through strategy, job descriptions, and related personnel issues.

“I know how much it takes to get a new program off the ground. So often, you only hear about what is not working and I wanted to let you know what is working. We look forward to continuing our partnership with University Human Resources.”

Improving the Way We Experience Competencies at the Medical Center

Screen shot of competencies in Workday

Competency (n): proficiency, experience, capability – critical in our business – fundamental to providing excellent care and delivering on our commitment to put the patient at the center of all we do.

The competency assessment process (for new hires and the annual process) for the Medical Center is undergoing a long-overdue overhaul in an effort to change the way team members and managers experience defining, completing, documenting and complying with competencies. This was due in part to the implementation of Workday. The new processes remove many manual and outdated steps by automating tasks and pushing notifications out to help with deadlines.

Shelley Tattersall, Technical Training Specialist, who worked extensively on the project, added, “Not only does the automated process better support our new hires, managers and current team members, it also helps to ensure compliance during regulatory surveys such as Joint Commission. Competencies – now housed in Workday -- can be accessed from any computer for easy and rapid access during surveys.”

Automation Is Key

Workday does the heavy lifting when it comes to automation:

  • The competency assessment form(s) is automatically delivered as a Workday inbox task to new hires who work with their preceptor/trainer/manager to validate, sign and upload the form to Workday.
  • Annual competencies (starting with two pilot groups) are now fully automated in Workday and will include the electronic signature and date/time stamp of the validator (preceptor, trainer, manager).
  • Notification reminders and non-compliance notifications are automatically sent to team members and managers.
  • Reports can be easily generated by the department to check for compliance.

In addition, the process improvement allowed the HR team to align job codes with OCA forms and update organizational and safety competencies.

Support When You Need It

The HR Talent Technical Training Team is a team of dedicated and experienced professionals responsible for supporting competency assessment. This team understands the importance of, and is committed to, collaborating with the unit/department leads to create, update and maintain new hire and annual competencies.

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