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Workday Partners – Who They Are and How They Will Help

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What is a workday partner?

Workday Partners are representatives from across the University who have volunteered to serve their school or business unit as one of many resources for your Workday questions. Because they are part of your school or unit, they can answer your questions in context. Your Workday Partner will keep you up to date on platform implementation, help you navigate upcoming changes, and answer your questions about the new technology. 

How are Workday Partners preparing to support you? In addition to their invaluable familiarity with their school or unit, Partners will:

  • Attend multiple training sessions.
  • Learn new processes and changes that will come with Workday implementation.
  • Test training materials and/or participate in User Acceptance Testing (UAT), providing valuable feedback to the training team.

A kickoff session was held for Workday Partners on August 23. At this meeting, the framework for the role of Workday Partners was reviewed, as well as timing for upcoming events, including extensive testing, awareness activities, and training opportunities.

We're grateful for the valuable participation and critical support these volunteers will provide and we're confident you will find them to be a crucial resource as we transition to Workday. 

Find your Workday Partner:

Have a question? Find the Workday Partner assigned to your school, unit, or department. Download the list here.

[Video] HR Business Partners, Explained


What can an HR Business Partner do for you?
Learn how HR Business Partners will provide dedicated support for your school or unit's unique HR needs in this video:

video with audio description and text transcript

Launching the Solution Center

Infographic showing stats on the numbers of customers the Solution Center has served.


Hear from Marcus Hamilton, HR Analyst, Quality & Innovation, about what it took to launch the new UVA HR Solution Center.


What goals did you have and did you meet them?

At launch, our primary goals were to have established performance baselines and maintain service levels while expanding our support to the entire organization. Now faculty, staff, and team members are going to one place instead of two: one team, one place to call, one way to get your problem resolved. Making that transition seamless is difficult, but the team worked tirelessly to make it happen. I’m happy to say they succeeded.

Post launch, our goal was to identify quick wins and longer term continuous improvement opportunities. We have learned a great deal in a short time, and we have already instituted changes in staff scheduling and training resources, for example, based on that data.


How did you come together as a team?

We focused on sharing knowledge. We all came from different backgrounds and thankfully everyone was willing to freely share their knowledge and to make each other comfortable to seek clarification if needed. That openness has led to close bonds that make providing good service easier and dare I say, more fun.


Best part of being the first for the HR transformation?

We definitely developed a sense of camaraderie as we as ventured out first. It gave us a heightened sense of purpose and commitment to making sure it went smoothly so we could serve as proof that it could be done well. And since we had the benefit of going first, we are ready to support the other HR teams as they stand up.



What are you most proud?

I’m most proud of the team’s willingness to take on so many changes at once and still maintain—and in many cases improve—service.


What I am most excited about?

I am excited for the new technology we have in place, which allows us to interact with customers across channels in an integrated way and gather data to drive continuous improvement. We have been able to quickly implement process improvements with a richer and more immediate feedback loop that allows us to serve our customers better every day. It also allows us to report out on the team’s amazing work!


What’s next for the team?

Supporting the launch of the remaining UVAHR teams, continuing our ongoing improvement efforts, and preparing to provide post-Workday-go-live support.


Ufirst and UVA HR team up for a Finance Leadership Retreat

opening slide that says Finance Leadership Retreat

Melody Bianchetto, Vice President of Finance, hosted a leadership retreat and invited Ufirst project team members and UVA HR professionals to share ideas and experiences on “Leading Through Change.”



  • Gary Helmuth, HR Business Partner for Finance, developed content that would meet the team’s need for more information on Change, Performance Management, and Goal Setting.
  • James Gorman, newly appointed Senior Director of Finance, presented his experiences with large transformation efforts.
  • Carrie Baker, future UVA HR Performance Management team member, talked about Goal Setting.
  • Rose Markey, future UVA Learning and Development team member, facilitated a discussion about surviving change.


What we heard from presenters:

“This was a great opportunity to showcase how HR Business Partners will collaborate with network of HR professionals to support schools/units across UVA.” 


What we heard from attendees:

“This was more than I had hoped for -- I thought it would be a little theoretical and hard to connect to, but it was way more practical and realistic and helpful than I had imagined it might be. Good job.”


Please remember that the Ufirst project team and UVA HR are here to support you during this time of unprecedented change.



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