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Workday Wednesday: The Power of One

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The Power of One for UVA

Workday is a unique system that leverages the “Power of One” concept that enables a better user experience for everyone.

One System

Workday is one system with a suite of HR functionality, including everything from Recruiting to Payroll. End users will no longer need to log into 3-4 systems to complete HR work. The Power of One means there’s no longer a need for Jobs@, Lead@, Taleo, etc.

One Community

Worldwide, all Workday users are on one version of software. This makes it easy for UVA to connect with other Workday higher education/healthcare customers to discuss Workday best practices, and provide suggestions to Workday on how to improve the system. In fact, UVA is a charter member of Workday’s “R1 University Community.”

  • Higher Education Customers include University of Miami, University of Washington, University of Southern California, Ohio State, Penn State, and many others.
  • Healthcare Customers include Boston Medical, The Ohio State University Medical Center, and the University of Minnesota Physicians.

Transforming to Cloud with Workday

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The Cloud
Learn more about how Workday's cloud-based solution can help you.

Built as a single system with a single source of data, single security model, and single user experience, Workday’s cloud-based solution is designed to evolve to meet changing needs

We are assured of having access to the latest version with the latest features and benefits – anytime, anywhere – whether we are using a browser or a mobile device.

Workday provides everyone at UVA with a one-stop shop designed to meet our needs, today and tomorrow. It’s available to us when and where we need it.

Improving the Way We Experience Competencies at the Medical Center

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Competency (n): proficiency, experience, capability – critical in our business – fundamental to providing excellent care and delivering on our commitment to put the patient at the center of all we do.

The competency assessment process (for new hires and the annual process) for the Medical Center is undergoing a long-overdue overhaul in an effort to change the way team members and managers experience defining, completing, documenting and complying with competencies. This was due in part to the implementation of Workday. The new processes remove many manual and outdated steps by automating tasks and pushing notifications out to help with deadlines.

Shelley Tattersall, Technical Training Specialist, who worked extensively on the project, added, “Not only does the automated process better support our new hires, managers and current team members, it also helps to ensure compliance during regulatory surveys such as Joint Commission. Competencies – now housed in Workday -- can be accessed from any computer for easy and rapid access during surveys.”

Automation Is Key

Workday does the heavy lifting when it comes to automation:

  • The competency assessment form(s) is automatically delivered as a Workday inbox task to new hires who work with their preceptor/trainer/manager to validate, sign and upload the form to Workday.
  • Annual competencies (starting with two pilot groups) are now fully automated in Workday and will include the electronic signature and date/time stamp of the validator (preceptor, trainer, manager).
  • Notification reminders and non-compliance notifications are automatically sent to team members and managers.
  • Reports can be easily generated by the department to check for compliance.

In addition, the process improvement allowed the HR team to align job codes with OCA forms and update organizational and safety competencies.

Support When You Need It

The HR Talent Technical Training Team is a team of dedicated and experienced professionals responsible for supporting competency assessment. This team understands the importance of, and is committed to, collaborating with the unit/department leads to create, update and maintain new hire and annual competencies.

Get the Insight You Need

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Get the Insight you need with Workday’s Reporting capability!

  • Workday provides consistent, reliable data and straightforward reporting capabilities, giving managers the information they need to make important decisions
  • Reports in Workday are dynamic. Faculty, staff, and team members will be able to visualize data, drill down into a report, and initiate transactions from within the report.
  • In addition to the reports delivered by Workday, we are developing an initial set of standardized reports so that you can share, compare and benchmark with your peers.

Take Advantage of Workday’s Built-in Dashboards!

photo of workday data dashboard


Workday Dashboards

Data is the world’s new currency. With these dashboards, University leaders get real-time, easily accessible, accurate data - the information they need to review, benchmark, and plan.


Check out a few dashboards:

  • Talent and performance: Identify at-risk teams and top performers with leadership potential
  • Recruiting: Identify pipeline candidates, successful recruiting sources, and open positions
  • Pay equity: View how people are paid across your organization and take appropriate steps toward gender parity or other goals


These dashboards are built right into Workday and you can create many more on your own.

A Uniform and Intuitive User Interface

graphic showing the Workday platform on a computer
  • Workday provides a consistent experience across all devices and applications
  • The user interface makes navigation straightforward and allows important information stand out clearly.
  • You’ll see the latest announcements and inbox items that need attention at a glance.
  • Having all of the Workday applications on your home screen helps you get what you need quickly and easily.
  • The new card interface allows you to group items on your home page (such as announcements and inbox items - so that they are at your fingertips.


A Secure Future

photo of data storage unit with safe fence

Image Source: EY Branding Zone

Your Data Security

  • Workday maintains a formal and comprehensive security program designed to ensure the security and integrity of data, protect against security threats or data breaches, and prevent unauthorized access to the data- Workday continuously updates safeguarding mechanisms to maintain the highest security.
  • Workday is not allowed to move or store UVA data anywhere outside the United States.
  • Faculty, Staff, and Team Members will access Workday with dual authentication using DUO.

Workday In Action

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Cut the cord on your desktop and go mobile with Workday!

Here's what you need to know:

  • Workday can be accessed through mobile devices including iPad, iPhone, and Andriod. Now you can access live data and interact with Workday on the go.
  • You can change personal information like emergency contacts, address, phone numbers, view detailed pay stubs and much more.
  • You can request time off or enter your time. (note: Medical Center, Facilities, and Parking and Transportation will continue to use their current time tracking systems)
  • As a manager, you can stay current on applicants for your job postings, access your dashboard reports, and approve tasks within your Inbox.
  • Now you can do your work on the go!



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