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Go-live Resources – Essential Information for Workday Launch and Beyond

Workday Go-live Resources

You'll want to keep this list of essential resources handy to help support your initial steps using our new HR platform.


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Workday Words IV – Recruiting

Workday Words IV

This is the fourth installment in our series to help you understand and work effectively in Workday.

New terminology can be confusing. There are a number of terms used in Workday that have particular meanings – or meanings that matter in the context of the platform. Here’s a quick list of recruiting terms you may encounter in Workday. 

Supervisory Org

Provides management structure and hierarchy for University workers. Each Supervisory Org is associated with one of two Staffing Models: Job Management (JM) or Position Management (PM).

Job Management*

Used to manage job types that exceed 1:1 ratio; multiple persons can occupy a job in job management (e.g., temp workers, student workers, faculty wage, etc.).

Position Management*

Used to manage positions with a 1:1 ratio; only one person can occupy each position in position management (e.g., benefited staff, benefited faculty, physicians, etc.).

Critical Job

A position that is essential to the department’s function.

Job Step > Justification

The reason why the position is needed (e.g., replacing a retiree’s position, defining a new position that is within budget, etc.).


A group of potential candidates kept in reserve for when an appropriate job becomes available. 

Worker Subtype

A classification for employees based upon employee type (e.g., faculty, staff, students, contingent workers, etc.).

Click here for more recruiting terms.

*The concept of “job” vs. “position” is covered in more detail in the Recruiting Essentials for Managers course (link below).

Managers – Learn recruiting essentials:

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[Video] Viewing Leave Balances – A Review


Checking leave balances – it’s one of the tasks most frequently initiated by individuals across the University. How much time off do I have available? Will I have enough to take my vacation? How much use-or-lose time do I have left this year? The Absence application in Workday can easily answer all of these questions, and more.

Our new video shows you exactly where to look and how to use the application to find the information you need.

Reminder: Medical Center will continue to use Kronos for time entry.

Key points:

  • What you currently refer to as “leave balance” is known in Workday as “absence balance.” 
  • Today, Employee Self Service (ESS) shows your total allowable annual leave, and adjusts downward as requests are submitted and approved. 
  • Workday shows your available time off accrued as of today, but gives you access to see your balances based on a future date you can indicate.

Recapping what stays the same:

  • Accruals of available time off will proceed on the same schedule.
  • Calculations of used time off will apply to time periods in the same way.
  • Your rate of pay for time off will be unchanged.
  • Policies governing the use of time off will be unchanged.
  • If you currently use Kronos for time entry (Medical Center), you will continue to do so.

Watch the video now.

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Spotlight on Workday Go-live Support


A Multi-layered Approach Assures that Nobody Slips Through the Cracks

    When Workday launches on January 7, 2019, we expect that there will be questions and concerns. Even with extensive training and the availability of a wide range of essential materials, there will be situations that call for human support. We developed the Go-live Support Model with a user-centric philosophy, providing multiple layers of assistance to help you overcome problems. We’ve got you covered!

    See the support model here.

    People Helping People

    • ITS and HIT teams can assist with network and access issues.
    • Once logged in to Workday, local Workday Partners, the Solution Center, and HR Business Partners are available to help you navigate and solve problems.
    • More complex issues can be elevated by Workday Partners, the Solution Center, and HR Business Partners, as needed.

    The Solutions Center: Experts, Available When You Need Them

    • Expanded hours, starting January 3: 6:00 a.m. – 8:00 p.m., Monday to Friday
    • Staffed with dozens of experts, covering each HR function and Workday
    • Able to answer questions and solve issues via email, phone, chat, and desktop sharing

    Efficient Issue Management 

    The various groups in the launch support team are dedicated to assisting you through this transition by resolving any issues you may encounter in an efficient manner.

    Click here to see the support team issue management process.

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    Spotlight on Student Hiring


    A simplified starting place

      When Workday launches on January 7, 2019, we will eliminate the burden of manual entry for student information. An integration with the Student Information System (SIS) will pre-populate a Workday profile for every student. This will reduce cycle time and increase data quality.

      Two types of student hires, two paths to completion …

      1. Pre-selected Student Employee 
        • The majority of student hires (GTAs, GRAs, etc.) are pre-selected and recruiting is unnecessary. In these instances, the pre-populated Workday student profiles simplify the process greatly.
        • The hiring initiator (a manager or someone with the student hiring support role) can verify in Workday that a particular student is eligible to work, based on factors like class level, number of enrolled credits, etc.
        • From the pre-populated student record in Workday, only a few additional pieces of information are required to complete the hiring process.
      2. Student Being Recruited
        • Managers will create all student job requisitions in Workday, rather than in Handshake (the student job board system).
        • An integration between Handshake and Workday will ensure that student job seekers see both UVA and non-UVA job postings.
        • When a student candidate clicks to apply for a UVA position in Handshake, they will be transferred to Workday to complete their application.
        • After applying for a position in Workday, the screening process is the same as any other job listing in Workday. After selecting a student, the recruiter will complete the hiring process using the "Pre-selected Student Employee" steps outlined above.

      Click here to view detailed student hiring workflow.

      Other student hiring items of interest

      • We will load federal work-study award balances in Workday and update as students earn money to show a real-time balance.
      • Workday has reports designed to verify student eligibility at any time.
      • In accordance with Provost policy, Workday will send an alert to a student and their manager if the student enters more than 20 hours worked in a week.
      • As is the case with other UVA employees, students may enter retro time for up to 30 days after the end of a pay period (no paper time cards needed).

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      Spotlight on Workday Notifications and Inbox Items

      Notifications and Inbox - Workday Homepage

      Workday communicates with users through two primary channels: notifications and inbox items. While this may seem confusing, these channels are used for different purposes and, once you're familiar with the differences, finding important messages and knowing when to take action should become second nature.


      • You can access notifications by clicking on the bell-shaped icon on the Workday homepage. 
      • Notifications do not require you to take action within Workday, but may require you to take action outside of Workday (e.g., completing a task in another system). 
      • Notifications often serve to make you aware that a business process has been completed (e.g., the approval of a time-off request, the completion of a personal information update that you've made, etc.).


      • Your can access your inbox just under the welcome banner on the Workday homepage, as well as from the icon next to your notifications.
      • Items in the inbox are tasks requiring you to take action within Workday. 
      • Your inbox is divided into two tabs: "Actions" that require your attention, and an "Archive" that contains all completed actions.
      • Workday will send a message to your UVA email to let you know that an inbox item requires your attention; however, you will still need to log in to Workday to complete required tasks. This communication between Workday and your UVA email account can be turned off, if you prefer, but you will need to check your Workday inbox regularly to assure you don’t miss any tasks requiring your attention.

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      Workday Words III – Pay

      Workday Words III

      This is the third installment in our series to help you understand and work effectively in Workday.

      New terminology can be confusing. There are a number of terms used in Workday that have particular meanings – or meanings that matter in the context of the platform. Here’s a quick list of terms you may encounter in the Workday Pay application.

      Payment Elections

      Formerly known as Direct Deposit.

      Withholding Elections

      Your federal (W-4) and state (VA-4) tax allowances. 

      Period Activity Pay

      Formerly known as Goal Pay. 

      One-time Payment 

      Formerly known as a Lump Sum Bonus.

      Merit Statement History

      A listing of past merit increases.

      Reimbursable Allowance Plan Activity

      This view lets you see a breakdown of any supplemental pay (e.g., cell phone allowance, acting pay allowance, etc.), based on your employee type.

      Total Rewards

      A view within the Pay application that shows an overview of your total compensation, including base pay, benefits, etc.

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      Spotlight on Workday Security


      Security is Crucial – Workday Has It Covered

      Data security and privacy are issues that are essential to any human resources organization. Finding a secure platform for UVA HR was one of the most important factors in choosing Workday as our software solution, upgrading the HR experience for everyone working in the University Community.

      Workday is a thoroughly tested, constantly updated platform, protected by multiple layers of security: code-based, physical, and procedural. Want to learn more? Read Workday’s summary of their security and privacy protocols.

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      Workday Pre Go-Live Checklists

      Workday Pre Go-Live Checklists

      Make sure you’re ready!

      Workday go-live is just a few short weeks away – January 7, 2019. In preparation for the launch, we ask that you download and review the appropriate checklist to ensure you have the access and training information you need to succeed. These checklists also include important deadlines. 

      Download your checklist today:

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      [Video] Essential Training for Delegates


      You’ve been assigned as a delegate. Now what? 

      Whether you’ve been selected as a long-term delegate facilitating daily Workday tasks for your manager, or a short-term delegate covering Workday tasks while your manager is away from the office, it’s critical that you know where to go and what to do to fulfill your responsibilities. 

      The new video, Initiating & Approving Tasks as a Delegate, will show you how to perform successfully as a delegate, so you can proceed with confidence!

      What you’ll learn in the video:

      • How to switch accounts to proceed on behalf of a manager
      • Where to look in Workday to find the tasks delegated to you
      • How to navigate the delegation dashboard and manager’s inbox

      Click here to view Initiating & Approving Tasks as a Delegate.


      Delegation videos and Manager Essentials pages

      More to learn:

      In your role as a delegate, you will be acting on behalf of a manager. If you have not yet done so, you should take the Manager Essentials training (either our e-learning or live, instructor-led course). You’ll learn how to perform various manager-related tasks in Workday. 


      Click here to take the e-learning (or live) course, Manager Essentials.

      Click here to see more videos on delegation and other manager-related topics.

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