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[Video] The Workday Command Center

Sean Jackson and John Kosky

Sean Jackson: “I think the implementation of Workday is a seminal moment in the history of the University of Virginia.”

Watch the video below to see Sean Jackson, Assistant VP & Executive Director of the Ufirst Project, and John Kosky, Assistant VP of IMPACT & Decision Support, discuss the changes in HR associated with Workday and how the Command Center Support Model works:


Learn more about Workday Go-live support in our recent post.

Workday Training and Resources

Spotlight on Workday Go-live Support


A Multi-layered Approach Assures that Nobody Slips Through the Cracks

    When Workday launches on January 7, 2019, we expect that there will be questions and concerns. Even with extensive training and the availability of a wide range of essential materials, there will be situations that call for human support. We developed the Go-live Support Model with a user-centric philosophy, providing multiple layers of assistance to help you overcome problems. We’ve got you covered!

    See the support model here.

    People Helping People

    • ITS and HIT teams can assist with network and access issues.
    • Once logged in to Workday, local Workday Partners, the Solution Center, and HR Business Partners are available to help you navigate and solve problems.
    • More complex issues can be elevated by Workday Partners, the Solution Center, and HR Business Partners, as needed.

    The Solutions Center: Experts, Available When You Need Them

    • Expanded hours through February 1,  then 8:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m., Monday to Friday, starting February 4
    • Staffed with dozens of experts, covering each HR function and Workday
    • Able to answer questions and solve issues via email, phone, chat, and desktop sharing

    Efficient Issue Management 

    The various groups in the launch support team are dedicated to assisting you through this transition by resolving any issues you may encounter in an efficient manner.

    Click here to see the support team issue management process.

    Be Prepared

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    [Video] Essential Training for Delegates


    You’ve been assigned as a delegate. Now what? 

    Whether you’ve been selected as a long-term delegate facilitating daily Workday tasks for your manager, or a short-term delegate covering Workday tasks while your manager is away from the office, it’s critical that you know where to go and what to do to fulfill your responsibilities. 

    The new video, Initiating & Approving Tasks as a Delegate, will show you how to perform successfully as a delegate, so you can proceed with confidence!

    What you’ll learn in the video:

    • How to switch accounts to proceed on behalf of a manager
    • Where to look in Workday to find the tasks delegated to you
    • How to navigate the delegation dashboard and manager’s inbox

    Click here to view Initiating & Approving Tasks as a Delegate.


    Delegation videos and Manager Essentials pages

    More to learn:

    In your role as a delegate, you will be acting on behalf of a manager. If you have not yet done so, you should take the Manager Essentials training (either our e-learning or live, instructor-led course). You’ll learn how to perform various manager-related tasks in Workday. 


    Click here to take the e-learning (or live) course, Manager Essentials.

    Click here to see more videos on delegation and other manager-related topics.

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    Attention Managers: Workday “Recruiting Essentials for Managers” Now Available!

    Recruiting at UVA

    When you consider the volume of recruiting at an institution as large as UVA, it’s clear that any improvements to the process will have a significant positive impact. The launch of Workday will provide for a more consistent and efficient recruiting process across the University’s varied entities – but, training comes first.  

    The Recruiting Essentials for Managers course is presented from the perspective of a hiring manager. Basic familiarity with navigating in Workday is helpful, so it’s recommended that participants complete the online Workday Essentials course before taking this course.

    Recruiting course screen grab

    E-learning course

    Chapter 1 – Recruiting Overview (available now):

         ●  The Recruiting Process – The steps, tasks, and people involved

         ●  Positions and Jobs – Defining the difference, understanding key terms

         ●  Manager Responsibilities – What’s on your to-do list as the hiring manager

    Click here to start the e-learning course, Chapter 1.

    Chapter 2 – Recruiting Scenarios (coming Nov. 20):

    Once you’ve learned the basics of recruiting in the overview (Chapter 1), the second part of the e-learning course will dive into specific scenarios, based on where you work and who you need to hire. You’ll make choices during the course that will mirror your real-life experience. 

    Live classes

    Live, instructor-led classes are now open for registration, covering the material in both chapters of the e-learning course. Content for these live classes is tailored to the unique needs of each UVA entity and will be held at a variety of locations across Grounds throughout the coming weeks.

    Click here to see live course times and locations, and sign up now!

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    Workday Training on the Road – Ufirst and UVA HR at Wise

    UVA-Wise logo

    The January launch of Workday will touch all faculty, staff, and team members across the UVA community. Because it's crucial that everyone is well-informed and confident in using Workday – no matter where they are – members of the Ufirst and UVA HR teams went on a special trip to University of Virginia’s College at Wise. They presented live training and provided Open Lab time to give firsthand guidance to our partners there, who welcomed us warmly.

    Sue Simpkins quote

    Sue Simpkins leads a live training session.
    Sue Simpkins leads a live training session.

    Over 130 learners attended the Workday Essentials and two Manager Essentials presentations. 40 colleagues also participated in the Open Lab time, asking thoughtful questions on everything from benefits to time entry, and exploring the capabilities of the Workday platform.

    Participants were eager to learn more, and Sue Simpkins – who led two of the three live training sessions – provided them with her trademark ‘boom’-style moments, describing some of the many positive aspects of Workday.

    The UVA-Wise HR team will provide ongoing assistance through the launch and stabilization period, and our colleagues at UVA-Wise will, of course, have access to the same learning materials, resources, and support as the rest of the UVA community.

    Gabriela Garcia Largen quote

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    Attention Managers: Workday “Manager Essentials” Now Available!

    "Manager Essentials" screen grab

    We’re barely ten weeks from the launch of Workday. With that in mind, it’s crucial that all managers get up to speed on how day-to-day activities will be accomplished using the new system. “Workday Essentials” – a concise course that covers the most important topics – is now available for all managers and their delegates.   

    You choose the learning style that works for you

    For many, the e-learning version will be best. It’s available on-demand and allows you to progress at your own pace, making the most of your time. If you prefer a classroom setting, instructor-led training is available as well. Live classes will be held at a variety of locations across Grounds throughout November, December, and January, beginning November 8. Click here for more info.

    Topics covered by both the e-learning and live versions of this course:

    • Managing Within Workday
    • Managing Time
    • Managing Absence
    • Compensation
    • Delegation
    • Team Performance

    Click here to start your e-learning course, or to sign up for an instructor-led session.

    Be sure to visit and browse the training website

    A variety of resources are available on the training website to help you transition to Workday with confidence. New courses and training materials will be added frequently in the coming weeks, so come back often. You can also follow the Ufirst blog for updates.

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    What Workday Training Do I Need? Find Out Now!

    Workday Learning Path documents

    As mentioned in the recent update from our Executive Sponsors, the Workday training site is now live: So, what will you find there and how will you know what training you need?  

    Let Your Role Be Your Guide

    On the homepage, you’ll find a timeline of important dates, plus sample learning paths that you can use to guide you to the materials and courses that match your role: Staff & Team Members, Managers & Delegates, and Faculty. When you click on the appropriate path, you will be able to see what’s available now, what’s coming soon, plus recommended training.

    New training materials and classes will be added frequently, so be sure to check the site often, and you can always contact us with questions. Our goal is to have everyone up to speed in time to use Workday with confidence!

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    [Video] Workday Wednesday – Recruiting and Training

    Workday Wednesday


    Check out the latest videos on Workday essentials!


    • Overview of the new process
    • The recruiting dashboard
    • Reviewing candidates
    • The offer and hiring process



    Workday Training

    • Instructor-led courses (classroom and web-based)
    • Open labs
    • Job aids
    • Concept aids
    • Visual aids
    • eLearning/on-demand videos
    • Workday training website



    Did you miss any?

    Since the beginning of September, we've published videos on a variety of important Workday topics. Visit our "Getting Ready for Workday" page to catch up on any essentials you may have missed.

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    Workday Training – Laying the Groundwork for a Smooth Transition

    Workday Training – Laying the Groundwork for a Smooth Transition

    As we move toward rolling out the Workday platform, the Ufirst Project Training Team is keenly aware of the need to provide guidance and training to all end users so they can move forward confidently when we go live in January.  

    "Just-in-time" Training

    Beginning with HR groups across Grounds, the training team has been providing high level training and getting feedback to help build effective tools to help all users – both leading up to and following the Workday launch and stabilization period. Training is being delivered on a "just-in-time" basis – giving users what they need when they need it – rather than overloading people with too much information too early. This type of delivery is ideal because retention is enhanced when learning is close to when the information will actually be used for day-to-day work.

    Because usability is a critical factor, we worked with award-winning digital marketing agency BarkleyREI to optimize the organization and navigation of the training website, giving us a solid foundation on which to build.

    Training icons

    Some of the tools and training that will be available:

    • Job aids – visual guides that will help end users complete specific tasks 
    • Video demonstrations – task-based screencasts that show processes, step-by-step
    • Course outlines and scripts – for demonstrations, open labs, hands-on, streaming, and web-based training
    • Problem/solution activities for end users (these may also translate to FAQs in the future)
    • Help text within Workday – Where the addition of simple context could help new users, we’re adding pop-up help text, as well as linking to materials and resources to deliver assistance where needed
    • Workday and process glossary – It’s best when we’re all speaking the same language
    • Reports crosswalk – a helpful guide, defining which future-state reports will replace current processes 
    • Because Workday has become the platform of choice among a growing number of universities, we’ve incorporated a number of FAQs from institutions that have recently rolled out Workday, leveraging what they’ve already learned
    • Problem-based training has begun for the Inquiry team 

    So, what’s next? 

    The training website will be made available and training sessions will begin in earnest throughout the University starting at the end of October. Specific training dates and locations will be published shortly, once approved by the leadership team. Our goal is to have all areas across Grounds fully up to speed prior to go-live, confident in using the Workday platform and knowing where to find help when it’s needed.

    Quote from Will Davis, Training Co-Lead, Ufirst


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    Workday Partners – Who They Are and How They Will Help

    Workday tumblers

    What is a workday partner?

    Workday Partners are representatives from across the University who have volunteered to serve their school or business unit as one of many resources for your Workday questions. Because they are part of your school or unit, they can answer your questions in context. Your Workday Partner will keep you up to date on platform implementation, help you navigate upcoming changes, and answer your questions about the new technology. 

    How are Workday Partners preparing to support you? In addition to their invaluable familiarity with their school or unit, Partners will:

    • Attend multiple training sessions.
    • Learn new processes and changes that will come with Workday implementation.
    • Test training materials and/or participate in User Acceptance Testing (UAT), providing valuable feedback to the training team.

    A kickoff session was held for Workday Partners on August 23. At this meeting, the framework for the role of Workday Partners was reviewed, as well as timing for upcoming events, including extensive testing, awareness activities, and training opportunities.

    We're grateful for the valuable participation and critical support these volunteers will provide and we're confident you will find them to be a crucial resource as we transition to Workday. 

    Find your Workday Partner:

    Have a question? Find the Workday Partner assigned to your school, unit, or department. Download the list here.


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