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Blog: 2018

Steven Snyder

Fly fishing, family, and a flair for recruiting top talent.

Learn more about Steven Snyder, Director of Talent Recruitment for UVA Health System. MORE>>


E2E testing pie chart

Putting it all together
End-to-End testing: The proving ground for complex, multi-step processes. MORE>>


Meet Carolyn Kalantari

Learn more about UVA HR’s Dual Career Program Director. MORE>>


Still image from usability testing video

Still image from usability testing video

Ensuring a smooth transition to Workday
Usability testing yields solid benefits and provides valuable insights, setting the stage for success. MORE>>

Sean Jackson, Ufirst Executive Director

Sean updating the Ufirst Project kanban board

The Peanut Butter Peter Principle

What’s the correlation between the simple joy of PB&J and an organizational culture that pushes employees toward incompetence? Find out in today’s post. MORE>>

Leslie Pierce

Meet Leslie Pierce

Learn more about UVA HR’s Director of Employee Relations. MORE>>


Mark Dunn

Meet Mark Dunn

Learn more about UVA HR’s Director of Talent Management. MORE>>


Barbara Strain

UVA HR Goes the Extra Mile
A recent high-volume recruiting effort was successfully facilitated by UVA HR. Read what stakeholder Barbara Strain, Director of Value Management for UVA Health System, had to say. MORE>>

Terri Stevens

Meet Terri Stevens

Learn more about UVA HR’s Director of Compensation. MORE>>


Payroll testing image

Payroll team members deep in the testing process.

Payroll testing assures smooth Workday rollout
As we gradually approach go-live for Workday, extensive testing is being undertaken to work out any kinks well in advance. Recent work by the Payroll team was a critical component. MORE>>