The Ufirst Project

Come Play with Workday!

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Members of the HR Community are busy attending Workday demonstration sessions that allow them to actually experience the new technology. Each one hour session provides a brief overview of Workday, an activity showcasing how intuitive Workday is, and a quick debrief. 


So, what are people saying after attending? 

  • “Overall, I am excited for the new system. This session and the other preview session I went to were more self-service/manager self-service items so I'm looking forward to seeing how other actions (creating a new position, posting a faculty position, hiring students) will work.”
  • “Super-intuitive.”
  • “Breath of fresh air compared to Oracle. WOW!”
  • “Very user friendly! Love that there are multiple ways to do things”
  • “The "scavenger hunt" at the end was definitely useful for showing how easy it is to navigate and use the search functionality in Workday.”


How did participants rate satisfaction after using Workday?

99% Agree or Strongly Agree


What’s Next?

The next opportunity to learn more about Workday is at the February Preview and Feedback sessions(add link).  Join us there to see Workday in action.