The Ufirst Project

How Will I Access Historical Data in the Future?

A review of data will be available in Workday

Where will historical data be stored?

Historical HR data from Academic, Medical Center, and UPG will be available in the Medical Center Data Warehouse. We are working to migrate the historical data based on sunsetting timeframes for each system. 


How will I run reports that I run today?

End users requiring access to historical HR data (for data prior to July 1, 2018) or legacy HR reports will need to submit a request to the new HR IMPACT team. Upon review of the request, the IMPACT team will partner with the Medical Center Data warehouse team to develop and deliver the report. 


What data will be available in Workday?  

Workday will have limited historical data at Go-Live consisting of the following:

  • Payroll Balances: 6 months
  • Workday Hours: 18 months
  • Terminated Employees: 18 months
  • Retirees: 2 years
  • Compensation History: 2 years
  • Performance Ratings: 2 years
  • Learning History: Required courses with completion status and 7 years certifications
  • Benefits Elections: 6 months
  • Do not Hire Applicants: ALL


What’s next?

Stay tuned for more information on how to submit data requests.