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Top 3 FAQs – Performance Management

Top 3 FAQs - Performance Management

Here are three of the most frequently asked questions about Performance Management in Workday. Want to see more? Browse the complete FAQ. Performance Management has its own category.

1Q: Is performance management included in Workday?

A: Yes, all entities will conduct performance management in Workday.

2Q: Will the performance management calendar change due to the implementation of Workday?

A: No, the performance management calendar will not change. The Health System will follow a fiscal year calendar cycle and the Academic Division will follow a calendar year cycle (School of Medicine and Advancement will continue to operate on a fiscal calendar).

3Q: Who can give feedback? This used to be strictly for managers.

A: Faculty, staff, and team members can request feedback from anyone at the University on themselves. Managers can request feedback from others on their direct reports.

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