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Workday Security Roles – What You Need to Know


Every procedure – or “business process” – in Workday follows a defined workflow, with automated handoffs facilitating actions and approvals needed to complete the work. These business processes are built based on security roles. You can think of security roles as a set of permissions which govern what individuals and groups can see and do in Workday, as well as what they can initiate and/or approve.   

Depending on the work that you do, you may have just one or several different security roles within Workday. Similar to network and software permissions, these roles allow the University to protect the integrity of processes, the security of personal or proprietary data, and also provide for the efficient handling of tasks.

Key non-HR security roles in Workday (click here for full descriptions):

  • Employee
  • Manager
  • Labor Distribution Schedulers
  • Student Hiring Support
  • Finance Approver: School/Unit Finance Contact
  • Finance Approver: Department Manager Contact
  • Leadership Approver
  • Time Reporting Support Role

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