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Spotlight on Leave Balances

Absence app highlighted on Workday homepage
The Absence application is where you will go in Workday to view your balances and request time off.

We want to assure that all future Workday users are well-informed, and have a clear expectation of how things will be done, minimizing surprises once we launch in early January. How will you know what’s changing and what’s staying the same? Training is a big part of that, but some topics – like leave balances – are important to call out separately. To see a list of the various leave types, click here.

Reminder: Medical Center will continue to use Kronos for time entry.

What’s changing?

  • To begin, it’s essential to get our terminology correct – What you currently refer to as “leave balance” will now be called your “absence balance.” To access your balance and request time off, you’ll click on the Absence app from your Workday homepage.
  • When you log in to the current system to check your balances, you can see, for example, your total allowable annual leave, and that number adjusts downward as requests are submitted and approved. The available leave is always a positive number, but it doesn’t reflect what you’ve accrued to-date.
  • In Workday, when you access the Absence application, you will see your available time off accrued as of today. In order to see what will be available in the future – i.e., for a planned vacation – you simply enter the appropriate date. For example, to see your full year’s allotment for 2019, you would change the “as of” date to the last day of the final pay period in 2019 (12/22/19). If you request more than is accrued by the current date, your balance will show as a negative number. However, the system will never allow you to submit for more than your annual maximum.
  • It’s important to know that, in Workday, it is perfectly fine for employees to request – and for managers to approve – requests that result in a negative balance. UVA policy allows for requesting time off in advance of its accrual, and Workday will prevent total requested time off from ever exceding your total allotted amount for the year.

What’s staying the same? 

  • Accruals of available time off will proceed on the same schedule.
  • Calculations of used time off will apply to time periods in the same way.
  • Your rate of pay for time off will be unchanged.
  • Policies governing the use of time off will be unchanged.
  • If you currently use Kronos for time entry (Medical Center), you will continue to do so.

See for yourself:

For a quick walkthrough of how to view your time off balances in Workday – including how to view your balance as of a future date – please watch this brief video: Part II of the Time & Absence overview in Workday.

Check back for more Spotlight features in the coming days and weeks, covering more essential aspects of Workday.

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