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Spotlight on Payslips


Following our launch on January 7th, all faculty, staff, and team members will begin viewing their payslips in Workday (some groups will even see their first payslip in Workday a few days prior to go-live – see below). From the Workday homepage, you'll simply go to the "Pay" app. Then, in the "View" column, you’ll click "Payslips." To help familiarize you with how things will appear on the new platform, take a look at this sample payslip and you'll see the key areas highlighted and annotated. 

Will my paycheck amount be different?

  • With every new year, changes to benefit plans, benefit elections, and tax withholdings result in a change to your paycheck amount. This year will be no different.
  • The Workday system will round some earnings, taxes, and benefits deductions differently from Oracle, PeopleSoft, and UltiPro. This will result in net pay differences for some individuals, ranging from a few pennies up to (but not more than) a few dollars.
  • If you are eligible for overtime pay, it's important to know that Workday is configured to follow the Fair Labor Standard Act (FLSA) blended rate, which might calculate overtime differently in some cases.

When will I see my first payslip in Workday?

  • January 4, 2019 – Medical Center and UPG bi-weekly
  • January 11, 2019 – Academic Division bi-weekly
  • February 1, 2019 – Academic Division and UPG monthly

Have more questions? 

What's changing with Payroll? What's not changing? Explore the Workday FAQ here: – You'll find additional answers in the “Workday Essentials” section.

After Workday go-live, if you have any questions about your paycheck, payroll specialists will be available to help you. To reach them, contact the HR Solution Center at 434-243-3344 or

Be sure to visit and browse the training website

A variety of resources are available on the training website to help you transition to Workday with confidence. New courses and training materials will be added frequently.

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