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Workday Words III – Pay

Workday Words III

This is the third installment in our series to help you understand and work effectively in Workday.

New terminology can be confusing. There are a number of terms used in Workday that have particular meanings – or meanings that matter in the context of the platform. Here’s a quick list of terms you may encounter in the Workday Pay application.

Payment Elections

Formerly known as Direct Deposit.

Withholding Elections

Your federal (W-4) and state (VA-4) tax allowances. 

Period Activity Pay

Formerly known as Goal Pay. 

One-time Payment 

Formerly known as a Lump Sum Bonus.

Merit Statement History

A listing of past merit increases.

Reimbursable Allowance Plan Activity

This view lets you see a breakdown of any supplemental pay (e.g., cell phone allowance, acting pay allowance, etc.), based on your employee type.

Total Rewards

A view within the Pay application that shows an overview of your total compensation, including base pay, benefits, etc.

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