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Workday Words IV – Recruiting

Workday Words IV

This is the fourth installment in our series to help you understand and work effectively in Workday.

New terminology can be confusing. There are a number of terms used in Workday that have particular meanings – or meanings that matter in the context of the platform. Here’s a quick list of recruiting terms you may encounter in Workday. 

Supervisory Org

Provides management structure and hierarchy for University workers. Each Supervisory Org is associated with one of two Staffing Models: Job Management (JM) or Position Management (PM).

Job Management*

Used to manage job types that exceed 1:1 ratio; multiple persons can occupy a job in job management (e.g., temp workers, student workers, faculty wage, etc.).

Position Management*

Used to manage positions with a 1:1 ratio; only one person can occupy each position in position management (e.g., benefited staff, benefited faculty, physicians, etc.).

Critical Job

A position that is essential to the department’s function.

Job Step > Justification

The reason why the position is needed (e.g., replacing a retiree’s position, defining a new position that is within budget, etc.).


A group of potential candidates kept in reserve for when an appropriate job becomes available. 

Worker Subtype

A classification for employees based upon employee type (e.g., faculty, staff, students, contingent workers, etc.).

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*The concept of “job” vs. “position” is covered in more detail in the Recruiting Essentials for Managers course (link below).

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