The Ufirst Project


July 11, 2016, 8:37am

The University of Virginia announced today that Kelley Stuck has been appointed vice president and chief human resources officer. Stuck, who is currently interim vice president of human resources for the University of Missouri System, will assume the leadership position September 6.

As the University’s top human resources executive, Stuck will be responsible for creating innovative ways to engage all employees and will establish a culture, systems and training that will develop leaders and empower employees to problem-solve. She will also create integrated talent acquisition plans in partnership with leaders in the Academic Division, Medical Center and University Physicians Group. In addition, Stuck will ensure that human resources technologies are aligned and consistent across the entire UVA enterprise.

“Kelley has a strong record of planning, integrating and implementing human resources services across a wide variety of stakeholders, doing so at the University of Missouri’s four campuses and health system,” President Teresa A. Sullivan said. “This experience will prove invaluable as she will be responsible for creating a high-performance, service-minded human resources strategy and culture that reaches across and connects the University of Virginia Academic Division, the Medical Center and the University Physicians Group.”

UVA enrolls more than 25,000 students. The Academic Division along with the Medical Center and University Physicians Group employs more than 27,000 full-time and part-time faculty and staff.

Stuck will champion the University’s new Ufirst initiative, which seeks to create a customer-centric human resources function and to make the employee experience exceptional. Ufirst will enhance UVA’s human resources systems in types of services, quality, and staffing among central human resources and schools and units. Ufirst takes a holistic, strategic view across UVA, including the entire Academic Division and Health System.

“As both a thought leader and advocate for leading human resources practices, Kelley has a demonstrated track record of leveraging the best facets of human capital while positively effecting change within a complex organization,” Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer Patrick D. Hogan said. “This experience will serve the University well as she works to infuse cutting-edge thinking to enhance productivity, innovation and employee engagement across the entire institution.”

Stuck said she is excited to join UVA and the larger Charlottesville community. “I am honored to join UVA,” Stuck said. “A large part of UVA’s innovation comes from its employees. I very much look forward to engaging with all employees to help them reach their professional goals and perform at the highest levels, as well as collaborating with University leadership to implement strategies to attract high-caliber faculty and staff to UVA.” 

Allan C. Stam, dean of the Frank Batten School of Leadership and Public Policy and search committee chair, expressed his enthusiasm for Stuck joining UVA. “Kelley knows how to work effectively with various groups to integrate a consistent and responsive human resources system,” Stam said. “The search committee recommended her from a strong pool of candidates, and is thrilled that she will bring her expertise to the University.”

Hogan expressed his appreciation to the search committee for identifying candidates for the leadership post. “I am grateful to Dean Stam and the other members of the search committee for their participation in this important process,” Hogan said. “We are delighted that Kelley will be joining the University and Charlottesville communities.”

Stuck graduated from Truman University with a Bachelor of Science in Education in Marketing Communications and the University of Central Michigan with a Master of Science in Administration with a Human Resources Concentration. Stuck holds a Senior Professional Human Resources certification.

June 28, 2016, 9:24am

The Ufirst Project Leadership Team is excited to announce Sean Jackson has accepted the position of Executive Director for the project, effective August 8, 2016. The Ufirst Project Executive Director is charged with leading the implementation phase of the HR transformation project and serves as the primary change agent to advance UVA’s goals and priorities.

Sean joined the University of Virginia in 2011. He currently serves as the Chief Information Officer for the School of Medicine and the University Physicians Group. Sean has over 20 years of experience leading technology operations in complex non-profit and higher education organizations.

Selecting Sean as the Ufirst Project Executive Director is a critical milestone in the Ufirst transformation. We are excited for the next phase of the project and to welcome a fellow UVA colleague to help us commence the successful implementation of Ufirst.

Please join us in welcoming Sean to his new role.

June 14, 2016, 9:29am

Early Service Improvements (ESIs) are Ufirst success stories made possible by Human Resource partners across the University. ESIs are visible and immediate improvements to HR services, straight-forward solutions to known issues, and a commitment to continuous progress. In the last week of May, the following two ESIs were communicated from UHR to the appropriate audiences:

ESI #1: Academic Division exempt staff no longer need to submit blank timecards as of May 30, 2016

What this means for you (Effective May 30, 2016):

  • Academic exempt staff will no longer need to submit timecards unless leave is taken or comp hours are earned. To receive a use or lose pay-out, the submission of all timesheets is no longer required. However, it is still required that 10 days of leave are taken for pay-out eligibility.
  • Managers will no longer need to approve blank timecards. They will need to continuously monitor employees who take leave or need to report comp hours earned diligently to ensure accurate leave payouts.
  • Individuals who monitor time and leave will no longer need to track missing timecards for exempt staff.


  • Elimination of non-time value added activities - Managers and exempt staff will save approximately 300,000 clicks per year.
  • Alignment of practices across the University - The Health System currently practices exception-time based reporting.
  • Alignment to current payroll practices of peer institutions - In a survey of 20 colleges and universities, 16 practice exception-time based reporting.


ESI#2: Elimination of five day internal posting requirement for academic staff vacancies as of June 1, 2016


  • Staff vacancies must be posted for five calendar days, (10 calendar days for underutilized positions), as opposed to business days. Additionally, all academic staff vacancies are immediately available to external applicants once posted on Jobs@.
  • Hiring officials will still have the ability to post internal-only positions for academic staff. Internal-only postings should be used when the need fulfills the guideline criteria. Please see the attached for internal-only guiding principles and examples of internal-only postings.


In the spirit of Ufirst, and providing a consistent recruiting experience across the University, this change in internal posting requirements:

  • Provides alignment with current Health System (Medical Center and UPG) practices
  • Enriches the talent pool, brings in new innovative ideas and different perspectives, and creates a more diverse workforce
  • Eliminates a waiting period to market vacancies externally


QUESTIONS? Please contact the HR Service Center at (434) 982-0123 or


April 20, 2016, 2:32pm

TO: All University Employees in the Academic Division, Medical Center, and the University Physicians Group
FROM: Ufirst Executive Sponsors
     Patrick D. Hogan
     Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer
     Robert C. Pianta, Ph.D.
     Dean, Curry School of Education
     Richard P. Shannon, M.D.
     Executive Vice President for Health Affairs
     Allan C. Stam, Ph.D.
     Dean, Frank Batten School of Leadership & Public Policy
     Anda L. Webb
     Vice Provost for Administration
With great enthusiasm, we introduce Ufirst, a key Organizational Excellence initiative that reaches the entire University. The Academic Division and Health System are joining forces in this important endeavor to transform our HR practices to serve you and to align our services and resources in support of the University’s mission. With support from leaders across the Grounds, we are building upon the hard work of our human resources professionals.
Emphasizing professional development, benefits, recruitment, and service, Ufirst will bring together key HR functions in the Academic Division, the Medical Center, and the University Physicians Group. We began this large-scale, complex HR transformation in early 2015 and will continue for several years, with full implementation expected in 2018. To this point, work has included identifying opportunities to simplify policies, streamline processes, and improve the HR service experience and beginning to build a unified community of HR professionals. Between now and 2018, we will provide you with regular updates. You will see teamwork and collaboration across the Academic Division and the Health System as we determine the best ways to serve each school and unit. We look forward to you joining us in what promises to be a transformative and positive change for the University community.
Each of you supports the University’s mission in important ways, and we are committed to providing the highest quality human resources services to you and to all colleagues across the University. Visit the Ufirst website to learn more about this important strategic initiative, including the project timeline, team structure, leadership, news, and FAQs. If you have any questions or comments about Ufirst, please email the project team at

March 14, 2016, 11:39am
On Thursday, March 10th, the University of Virginia launched a national search for a Chief Human Resources Officer (CHRO) & Vice President. The creation of this new role reflects UVA’s commitment to enhancing innovation, employee engagement, productivity, health and financial well-being across the Academic Division, University Physician’s Group and Medical Center.

The CHRO will elevate and establish HR as a trusted partner and strategic, integrated resource that delivers consistent service and upholds shared principles across the University. The CHRO’s main charges include, but are not limited to:

  • creating a high-performing HR team, culture with a service mindset,
  • being a thought-leader at UVA and an advocate for HR,
  • creating innovative ways to engage all employees,
  • developing integrated talent acquisition plans, and
  • ensuring that technology, processes and policies are aligned to University goals.

The CHRO will play an integral role in leading the transformation of HR and commencing the successful implementation of Ufirst by conceptualizing the final end-state and articulating the path forward to achieve that goal. The CHRO will be the architect of a new culture that empowers the University’s human capital and establishes a culture of employee engagement that connects all employees to UVA’s mission.

UVA selected Korn Ferry to lead the recruitment efforts in collaboration with the UVA Search Committee.

Visit the Executive Search website for additional information on the CHRO position.