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Workday FAQ

What is Workday?

Workday is a leading, cloud-based technology that will help us manage HR-related information and activities. Using Workday, you will collaborate with your HR team, using real-time information. Many of UVA’s peer institutions (both academic and health system) trust Workday to support their organizations.

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What are some of the benefits?

  • Intuitive technology and self-service functionality that makes entering time, requesting time off, and signing up for benefits easy
  • Dedicated HR professionals who understand you, understand your business, and who can assist you in navigating complex situations 
  • Resources and training designed to support you in your career journey
  • A single place to get answers to your questions
  • An easy way for you to identify and pursue opportunities across the University
  • The ability to manage across multiple entities using one system


Why did UVA select Workday?

Hundreds of companies, healthcare providers, and higher education institutions have selected Workday. The University of Virginia selected Workday for these reasons:

  • Accessibility: Workday is accessible by users on their mobile devices, tablets, and desktop computers anywhere, anytime
  • Security: Workday has extremely robust security to keep your data safe
  • Automated: Workday continually enhances and develops their product offerings based on input
  • Reporting Capabilities: Workday’s integrated system allows users to build reports, dashboards, and obtain data from across the University. HR Business Partners and HR teams will have access to real-time information, enabling better decision making and support
  • Compatibility: Workday integrates seamlessly with many of our current and planned systems and vendors

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Have other Higher Education institutions implemented Workday?

Yes. Yale, Brown, Carnegie-Mellon, Cornell, Washington University, and Georgetown are just some of the other higher education institutions that have implemented Workday.


Will Workday work with any Web browser?

Workday does not have a preferred browser. You may use any contemporary Web browser to access Workday.


What devices can I use to access Workday?

You may access Workday from a PC, Mac, tablet, or smartphone on both Apple and Android devices, with a secure internet connection.


Does Workday impact everyone at the University?

Yes, all leadership, management, faculty, staff, and team members will use Workday for all HR and Payroll functionality. Workday will give you greater control over personal information through 24/7 access to your information over a secure network.


What is the implementation timeline?

  • September 2017: Workday Preview and Feedback Sessions - Round 1
  • December 2017: Workday Preview and Feedback Sessions - Round 2
  • April 2018: Workday Preview and Feedback Sessions - Round 3
  • Spring 2018: Preview Sessions - The New HR Service Model - What You Need to Know
  • Spring 2018: Workday Training for Managers Launched
  • Spring 2018: Workday Training for All Employees Launched
  • July 2018: Workday Go-live

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How can I get involved?

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