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Virtual Scavenger Hunt - Week One Prize Winners

Virtual Scavenger Hunt Prizes


Congratulations to our first group of prize winners!

  • Mary Fields – Student Financial Services
  • Minal Shah – McIntire School of Commerce
  • Brenda Brooks – ITS Communication Services

We enjoyed a tremendous response to our first Virtual Scavenger Hunt – from schools and units across Grounds – and nearly all of the responses were correct! For the record:

  1. Does it matter what web browser I use to access Workday on my computer? No, all popular browsers (Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Safari) will work.
  2. In the mobile app, is the Workday inbox located at the top or bottom of your screen? Bottom.
  3. What topic did Sue Simpkins discuss in Friday's video? The Workday search function.

Out of 50+ correct answers, we chose three winners at random.

When is my next chance to win?

New questions will be posted Monday morning, September 17. Send your answers to by 5:00 p.m. that day. All entries with the correct answers will be put into a drawing, and three prize winners will be chosen and announced on Tuesday.

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Virtual Scavenger Hunt - Week One Questions

Virtual Scavenger Hunt - Win a Prize!


It's easy to win a prize !

Using the videos we posted over the past week – September 3-7 – answer the following questions (see below to learn how to submit your answers):

  1. Does it matter what web browser I use to access Workday on my computer?
  2. In the mobile app, is the Workday inbox located at the top or bottom of your screen?
  3. What topic did Sue Simpkins discuss in Friday's video?

How do I enter?

Send your answers to by 5:00 p.m. on Monday, the day the questions are posted. All entries with the correct answers will be put into a drawing. Three prize winners will be chosen each week and announced on Tuesdays.

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[Video] "Sue Says!" – Search

Sue Says!

One of Sue’s top picks:

Watch the video below to learn how Workday’s robust search function can dramatically simplify your HR experience.

Check back each Friday this month. We’ll publish a new video every week of Sue Simpkins sharing her insights regarding one of her favorite Workday features. And be on the lookout for your chance to win weekly prizes in our Virtual Scavenger Hunt!

Wondering “Hoo's Sue?” You can learn more about our resident HR guru, Sue Simpkins, here

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Hoo's Sue?

Sue Simpkins

Each Friday in September, we will publish videos of Sue Simpkins sharing her insights regarding some of her favorite Workday features and process improvements. Before we begin, we thought it would be fun to learn a little bit about Sue’s background and give you a sense of why we have found her institutional knowledge and advice invaluable as we move toward Workday launch and stabilization.

Q: How long have you been with UVA? 
On December 7th, it will be 31 years.

Q: Have you seen some significant organizational transitions?
When I first started, the Academic and Medical Center HR organizations were combined. I saw us split, and now I’m glad to see us come back together. I’ve also been through several payroll implementations.

Q: What are some of the roles you have played? 
I was a functional analyst on the Oracle project on the Faculty team, and helped train users on the Oracle HRMS module. Afterward, I ended up staying in training.

Q: What has you most excited about the implementation of Workday? 
Besides getting rid of seventy other systems, there’s the ease of working in Workday, the search feature … I could go on and on.

Q: What's the most gratifying thing about your job?
The most gratifying thing about my job is figuring out how things work and then sharing it with others when asked – seeing people have their ‘aha’ moment.

Q: What's the origin of your use of the word "Boom!" as a catchphrase? 
I love those shows like CSI, Criminal Minds, etc. The theme song for CSI New Orleans is ‘Boom Boom’ by John Lee Hooker. The part that catches me is “Boom, boom, boom, boom. How, how, how, how…” So, ‘boom’ has been a word I use when describing things that happen fast. I didn’t realize I use it so frequently until I started facilitating Workday training and someone pointed it out.

Q: How do you like to spend your time away from work?  
I spend Saturdays with my husband, because he tries to golf on Sunday, so we started calling Saturdays ‘Susie Day.’ My husband and my family on his side all call me ‘Susie.’

Q: Family is obviously important to you. What else can you tell us? 
We are very proud of our two daughters – Kristy, who is a Student Counselor at PVCC, and Erika, who works here at UVA in Medical Center Patient Finance.

[Video] Workday Wednesday – Navigating Workday

Workday Wednesday


Time to learn some Workday basics:

  • Desktop: Learn how to log in, get an overview of the Workday inbox, notifications, and search function, plus find out how to access popular Workday applications.
  • Mobile: Learn how to access the mobile app, the basic layout and location of key features, plus a sampling of the tasks you can access while on-the-go.


What's next?

Each Wednesday during the month of September, we'll share a new video (or two) on other important Workday topics. Check out our "Getting Ready for Workday" page for more essential information, plus upcoming chances to win prizes in our virtual scavenger hunt!

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Workday MythBusters II

Workday MythBusters II banner

Tens of thousands of users across Grounds will soon rely on Workday for a wide range of HR functionality, from time management and benefits to recruiting and performance management. It’s crucial that everyone has the facts as our launch and stabilization period approaches. In this second installment of MythBusters we present another group of beliefs about Workday – and clarify what it can and cannot do. 

As we move into the fall, this series, along with a wide range of awareness activities, FAQs, and training will help bring everyone up to speed with a thorough understanding of what Workday has to offer the faculty, staff and team members of the University.

Workday MythBusters II - 1 & 2


Workday MythBusters II - 3 & 4


Workday MythBusters II - 5 & 6


Missed our first edition of Workday MythBusters? Check it out here.


Workday Is Coming!

Awareness Campaign Calendar

With go-live on the horizon, it's critical to ensure that our colleagues across Grounds are aware of everything they need to know – from Workday basics to questions about training and support.

Beginning next week, we will reach out and engage our community in a number of different ways. There will be demonstrations at individual schools and units across the University, online demonstrations and special features, plus multiple opportunities for faculty, staff, and team members to win prizes with informational scavenger hunts and other activities. 

We will publish new content regularly on the Ufirst website and blog, and related information will be distributed via email and Twitter. We'll focus on a central theme each week (basic navigation, time and absence, recruiting, etc.), capping each period with a quick "Sue Says!" video, featuring our own resident guru, Sue Simpkins, providing insight on key topics.

Workday Logo

Stay tuned for more details:

Workday Partners – Who They Are and How They Will Help

Workday tumblers

What is a workday partner?

Workday Partners are representatives from across the University who have volunteered to serve their school or business unit as one of many resources for your Workday questions. Because they are part of your school or unit, they can answer your questions in context. Your Workday Partner will keep you up to date on platform implementation, help you navigate upcoming changes, and answer your questions about the new technology. 

How are Workday Partners preparing to support you? In addition to their invaluable familiarity with their school or unit, Partners will:

  • Attend multiple training sessions.
  • Learn new processes and changes that will come with Workday implementation.
  • Test training materials and/or participate in User Acceptance Testing (UAT), providing valuable feedback to the training team.

A kickoff session was held for Workday Partners on August 23. At this meeting, the framework for the role of Workday Partners was reviewed, as well as timing for upcoming events, including extensive testing, awareness activities, and training opportunities.

We're grateful for the valuable participation and critical support these volunteers will provide and we're confident you will find them to be a crucial resource as we transition to Workday. 

Find your Workday Partner:

Have a question? Find the Workday Partner assigned to your school, unit, or department. Download the list here.

Workday MythBusters

Workday MythBusters banner

Implementing Workday is a monumental undertaking which involves the phasing out and/or integration of dozens of legacy systems, while assuring a smooth transition for tens of thousands of users across Grounds. This extraordinary level of complexity can lead to misconceptions about what Workday can do and how it will be used. In this post – the first in a series – we'll address some of the myths you may have heard and help establish what Workday has to offer.

Workday MythBusters 1 & 2


Workday MythBusters 3 & 4


Workday MythBusters 5 & 6

Look for more Workday MythBusters, coming soon!


Meet Steven Snyder, Director of Talent Recruitment for UVA Health System

Steven Snyder

Learn more about Steven Snyder, Director of Talent Recruitment for UVA Health System.

Q: What are you most excited to be working on in your position?

A:  I am most excited about learning new information about the School of Medicine and the UVA Physicians Group and then building synergy for Recruitment across the Health System. In addition, I enjoy building teams and have been fortunate to add a number of talented people to my department. I’m excited to get to know my folks and watch them grow.

Q: What are you usually doing on the weekend or during time off?

A: Spending time with my beautiful wife, Jennifer, and our family and exploring central Virginia, especially the trout streams that are so abundant in this area. I was born and raised in Upstate New York and have been at UVA for almost four years, but I still feel like I have a lot to learn about this part of the country.

Q: What is your proudest achievement?

A: My proudest achievement is watching my kids – twins Ben and Anna – grow up and thrive. They made the transition to a new middle school seamlessly when we moved here and are now rising sophomores at Western Albemarle. I could not be more proud of them.

Q: What song would be your personal anthem/theme song?

A: My personal anthem would be “Simple Man” by Lynyrd Skynyrd.

Steven Snyder with rainbow trout
Rainbow trout caught on the Blackfoot River, Missoula, MT.

Q: What is something that would surprise us about you?

A: I am an avid fly fisherman and have been lucky enough to fish the western part of the U.S. several times over the last few years. Most recently, I visited the Blackfoot river outside Missoula, Montana, made famous (among fly fishing circles) in the novel and movie, “A River Runs Through It." While free time is scarce with a growing family and the demands of my job, I enjoy spending time outdoors whenever possible and teaching my son and daughter to fly fish and enjoy open spaces and the calming influence of nature.


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