The Ufirst Project

Partnership with Medical Center Nursing

The Ufirst Talent Management team met with Nursing Leadership at the Medical Center earlier this month. Nursing has the largest staff population (2,500+!) and competency demonstration and tracking are heavily regulated by the Joint Commission. Additionally, they have leading Talent Management practices (e.g., certifications, PM goal setting and feedback) that they participate in as a part of their Magnet designation.
In the meeting, a demonstration of Workday, targeted specifically to Medical Center needs, was shown. Key components included Talent Profile, Performance Management, and new hire and ongoing/annual competency management.
Meeting participants were very engaged and voiced appreciation for being included in these early planning discussions, which are necessary due to the volume of work to be done to ensure that Workday supports of nursing staff processes.
Comments from the meeting include:
  • "I am blown away by the fact that we will finally be able to track BSNs (Bachelor of Science in Nursing). This has been a pain point for years."
  • "This is exciting (competency tracking) but we (Patient Care Services) have much work to do to get ready."
Thank you to the Medical Center Nursing team for their partnership and their clinical expertise to revise and update competencies!