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Preview and Feedback Sessions

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2018 Technology and Process Preview and Feedback Sessions


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Thank you

Thank you to everyone who participated in the Ufirst Technology and Process Preview and Feedback Academic Session on Thursday, February 22 and the Health System Session on Monday, March 12. The events were a great success due to your contribution and feedback!

The sessions included an overview of Workday, featuring Workday basics, life events, managing my team, dashboards and reporting, and learning management. There were also breakout sessions, each with a focus on the recruiting and onboarding processes for staff and team members, faculty and professional research staff, and students.


What we heard from participants

  • “Today has been really enlightening for me. Now I know what everyone’s been talking about!”
  •  “It’s great to see so many schools and units here. It seems like everyone understands how important this is.”
  • “Faculty recruiting in Workday is wonderful, it is great!  Going from Jobs@ to this is like going from a bicycle to a Ferrari!”
  • “Benefits information is so helpful in the way you can enter your information and see the costs associated.” 
  • “Workday is user friendly! I’m so happy I have access to staff addresses, phone numbers, and birthdays.” 


Between the Academic Division and Health System sessions, we had almost 1,000 colleagues excited about having a chance to check out Workday. Thank you for your interest and participation, UVA community!



2017 Preview and Feedback Sessions


In September, the Ufirst project team hosted live sessions for faculty, staff, and team members across Grounds. These sessions explored Workday, focusing on Recruiting, Performance Management, and Compensation processes. The feedback gathered is critical to meeting the needs of the University and a successful go-live in July 2018. See the details from the P1 Preview and Feedback sessions below. Thank you for your participation and partnership!


By the Numbers

Learn more about the participant analysis

Learn more about the feedback




Process Demonstration

•Posting an open position
•Completing a job application
•Review/Screen a candidate
•Approval for hire

Feedback Themes

•Things I Like: Streamlined hiring process for Faculty and Staff
•Things I Don’t Like: There is a need for departments to receive all applications during recruiting – not a portion of applications
•Things I’d Like to Have: Delegation authority for chairs  and managers



Learn about session questions and answers specific to Recruiting.



Performance Management

Process Demonstration

•Goal Setting
•Mid-Year Touchpoint
•Feedback Options
•Year-End Appraisal

Feedback Themes

•Things I Like: Ability to provide 360 feedback and revisit goals and change goals throughout year
•Things I Don’t Like: The “to-do” action item for the manager to discuss feedback with the employee is backwards – the discussion should happen before the action item completion
•Things I’d Like to Have: Recommend email notifications being sent to notify for key performance tasks
•Need Clarification: How competencies will be evaluated and incorporated in the goals


Learn about session questions and answers specific to Performance Management.




Process Demonstration

•One Time Payment
•Compensation Change

Feedback Themes

•Things I Like: The Compensation Change process is more streamlined, flexible, and straightforward to use
•Things I Don’t Like: Didn’t see the process for notifying finance to specify correct accounting/PTAEO due to comp changes from different departments
•Things I’d Like to Have: Display compensation alerts outside of pay range to managers
•Need Clarification: The ability to redefine the approval routing, other than manager’s manager



Learn about session questions and answers specific to Compensation.