The Ufirst Project

The Project


What is ONE Payroll Services?

The University and Health System are joining forces to create a consistent and exceptional work experience for every UVA colleague. The case for change and the transition to ONE Payroll Services supports transformational initiatives across Grounds that not only support services of today but those of the future. ONE Payroll Services will provide a world-class customer service experience by delivering timely and accurate employee payments and third-party distributions in a lean and best practice environment across the University and Health System.

What Will ONE Payroll Services Provide?

  • Relentless pursuit of timely and accurate payroll results and third-party distributions
  • A best in practice approach and one that is grounded in Lean methodology
  • Compliance with all Federal, State and Local laws
  • A world-class customer service experience
  • Streamlined Human Resources and IT processes and policies


Why Now?

  • Have Executive support of transformation opportunities
  • Aligns with Ufirst initiatives to include policy and practice harmonization and enhanced service improvement opportunities
  • Allows us to leverage the Ufirst change and communication resources
  • Provides the opportunity to align business processes to drive reduction in manual activities and to improve operational efficiencies through Workday technology
  • Leverages Workday technology to improve payroll reporting and analytics
  • Improves payroll controls including segregation of duties that align with HR processes and policies
  • Improves effectiveness of training for future state service delivery through the timely alignment with Workday and ancillary technologies
  • Aligns payroll services capabilities with the HR Solution Center
  • Development of capabilities within the Payroll Services team through cross training and extensive knowledge base utilization to effectively serve the University and Health System


What Is the Current-state Service Delivery Model?

University of Virginia Physicians Group

  • Team: Payroll Manager and three team members
  • System: Ultimate Software

Medical Center

  • Team: Payroll Manager, five team members, two Kronos members
  • Systems: PeopleSoft and Kronos

Academic Division

  • Team: Payroll Director, Payroll Manager, and five team members
  • System: Oracle


ONE Payroll Services Team

Executive Sponsors

  • Pat Hogan
  • Dr. Tom Katsouleas
  • Dr. Richard Shannon

Finance Leaders

  • Melody Bianchetto
  • Larry Fitzgerald
  • Jerry Burke
  • Doug Lischke
  • Kim Holdren
  • Beth Allen
  • Allison Holt

HR / Ufirst Leaders

  • Kelley Stuck
  • Sean Jackson
  • John Boswell
  • Brenda Jarrell
  • Bryan Garey

Payroll Leaders

  • Lori O’Connor
  • Marcy Straker
  • Jon VanFossen

Ufirst Project Team

  • Lead: Robert Gerbin
  • Support: Kim Swanson
  • Payroll Systems Support: Jill Cline
  • Leave Support: Christiana Beretich
  • Absence Support: Kathy Woodson

Payroll Subject Matter Resources (SMRs)

  • Ann Criser
  • Roy Fitch
  • Peggy Johnson
  • Janet Jones
  • Bess Landolt
  • Patty Masie
  • Letrecia Mathis
  • Samantha Morris
  • Staci Morris
  • Dorothy Moyer
  • Diane Painter
  • Kelly Penny
  • Claudette Rollins
  • Michelle Smiley

Have questions about ONE Payroll Services at UVA?
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