The Ufirst Project

The Solution

Workday Basics

 built for the enterprise, delievered in the could

Workday is a cloud solution with all higher education and health-affiliated customers on the same version. The areas included within the scope of this implementation are indicated in the light blue hemisphere above, including: Recruiting, Onboarding, Benefits, Compensation, Talent (including Performance Management and Talent Management), Learning, Absence, Time Tracking, Payroll, and Insights (Analytics).

Workday is one system – all data within the system is accessed instantaneously. Additionally, no integrations are required between areas. Workday has a leading user experience and mobile capability.


Benefits You'll See

  • Unified HR system across the University resulting in increased efficiency
  • Consistent workflows across the University with flexibility to accommodate critical unique requirements
  • Robust reporting and analytics and improved auditability and drill-down capabilities
  • Real-time data across modules
  • Consistent user experience for all users


Why Workday

Hundreds of companies, healthcare providers, and higher education institutions have selected Workday. Here is why the University of Virginia selected Workday:

  • Accessibility: Workday is accessible by users on their mobile device, tablet, and desktop computers at all times
  • Security: Workday has extremely high security standards to keep your data safe
  • Automated: All Workday updates reach users simultaneously and Workday continues to enhance and develop their product offerings based on customer input
  • Client Community: Workday Community provides the opportunity to share with and learn best practices from 50+ higher education Workday clients. Workday Community is only accessible to Workday customers
  • Reporting Capabilities: Workday’s integrated system allows for users to build reports, dashboards, and obtain data from across the University. HR Business Partners and HR teams will have access to real-time information, enabling better decision making and customer support
  • Compatibility: Workday offers seamlessly delivered integrations with many of our current and future-state systems and vendors


Implementation Timeline

While some legacy HR systems are designed by developing one set of requirements and not changing them, Workday is different. The Workday methodology includes setting up the system, collecting feedback, updating, and then repeating the process to further develop the system. The Ufirst Technology team will set up Workday multiple times. Each time, for the better. Each setup is called a prototype.

There are four prototype builds of the Workday system. Each prototype will host more University data and configurations. In addition, there will a HR community-wide Workday Preview & Feedback Session following each prototype. The goal of a Preview & Feedback Session is to demonstrate the functionality of Workday, share progress, and collect feedback from the community. Listed below are the dates and percent of Workday solution complete for each prototype:

  • Foundation Tenant (First Workday setup)
    • Delivered in March 2017
    • Workday Kickoff Event - May 2017
  • Configuration Tenant (Second Workday Setup)
    • Delivered in July 2017
    • Workday Preview & Feedback Sessions - August 2017
  • End to End Tenant (Third Workday setup)
    • Delivered in November 2017
    • Workday Preview & Feedback Sessions - December 2017
  • Parallel Tenant (Fourth Workday setup)
    • Delivered in March 2018
    • Workday Preview & Feedback Sessions - April 2018
  • Gold Tenant (Final Workday setup)
    • Delivered in June 2018

The Ufirst implementation plan includes a big-bang approach, where all modules and functionality will be available to the entire University on July 1, 2018 (Go Live).

Technology Implementation timeline from 2017 to 2018 with Go-live in July of 2018

Get Involved

University stakeholders will have the opportunities to review the different setups of the Workday HCM solution and provide feedback to the Ufirst Technology team during the Workday Preview & Feedback Sessions. These sessions will occur every 3-4 months starting in April 2017. The feedback provided will be analyzed by the Ufirst Project Team and incorporated in the next build of the Workday solution.


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