The Ufirst Project

Technology Team Updates

Where are we in the implementation? We are currently in the Design & Architect phase of the implementation (Feb – June 2017). During this time period, the Ufirst Technology team is focused on hosting Workday Initial Design Sessions. The Workday Initial Design Sessions are a week-long opportunity for Ufirst team members, the system implementer (Sierra Cedar) and select University SMRs to discuss the tactical transition from current state processes to future state. The Technology team will document future state requirements as an output of these sessions to configure the Workday solution.

Since the fall of 2016, the Ufirst Technology Data team has aggregated University employee data from the three entities in preparation for the first prototype build (see the Solution page for implementation information). The data team held 15+ sessions with key University stakeholders to analyze the current state data files and propose future state data standards to harmonize data from the three entities. This process of “harmonize, load and validate” will repeat throughout the implementation as we further develop and configure the UVA Workday system.

How is Ufirst Technology engaging the community: We've engaged SMRs across the three entities, specifically from the IT, HR, and Finance functions, to participate in the Workday design and data sessions. Additional UVA stakeholders will have the opportunity to provide feedback on the configurations during the Ufirst Technology playback sessions throughout the implementation. (See The Solution for playback session dates)

What is upcoming for Ufirst Technology? In addition to Workday design sessions, the Ufirst Technology team will host and participate in multiple community events over the next few months. These events will provide University community members the opportunity to learn more about Workday functionality, view demonstrations of the  UVA Workday prototype system, and gain an understanding of what to expect over the course of the implementation. (See the Events calendar under Resources for more information regarding the dates and times for these events)