The Ufirst Project

Ufirst Appreciation Event: Phase I Contributions

Human Resources at the University of Virginia is transforming the way we serve our mission through the Ufirst project. The Academic Division and Health System are joining forces and aim to create a consistent and exceptional work experience for every UVA colleague, one that is commensurate with our reputation of excellence.

To recognize the accomplishments from the initial planning phase, the team recently held a Ufirst Appreciation Event recognizing phase I contributions. Kelley Stuck, Vice President & Chief Human Resources Officer spoke of a future vision for HR at UVA while Ufirst Executive Sponsors, Pat Hogan, Chief Operations Officer & Executive Vice President, Dr. Rick Shannon, Executive Vice President, Health System Affairs and Dr. Tom Katsouleas, Provost, thanked phase I team members for their contributions. Additionally, phase I team leads expressed their appreciation to the team members for their effort over the past year.  

Dr. Sean Jackson, Ufirst Project Executive Director, closed the presentation with an overview of the Ufirst project implementation and spoke of the work ahead, “While initial design work has been completed, there is a tremendous amount of work that remains as we meet the many decisions that must be made to realize our vision of the future state.”

There are many exciting opportunities to get involved with the Ufirst project. If you have a passion for excellence, a drive to enhance the HR experience and want to be a part of co-creating a legacy at UVA, we invite you to apply to join the Ufirst team. We are currently seeking individuals to join our teams on a full-time basis (three or more days per week).

Kelley Stuck, Vice President & Chief Human Resources Officer, welcoming the Ufirst phase I project team at the celebration event in October 2016.
Kelley Stuck welcoming the Ufirst phase I project team.